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Learn to Effectively Write for Nonprofits

This online 15-credit certificate pairs well with a variety of majors to enhance your communication skills in the nonprofit sector

Writing for the Nonprofit Sector

Offered by: Nonprofit Management, Empowerment and Diversity Studies

To earn the Writing for the Nonprofit Sector Certificate of Achievement, students will complete a collection of Philanthropy Nonprofit Management and Professional Writing courses that will  prepare them to write effectively for the nonprofit sector.  Through service-learning projects, students in this program will gain direct, hands-on experience writing for nonprofit clients and the clients will be able to utilize materials developed by students earning this Certificate. 

Why Choose Writing for the Nonprofit Sector Certificate?

1.6 million nonprofit organizations are registered with the United Stated Dept. of Internal Revenue Services.  Nearly 15% of working Americans are employed within the nonprofit sector which generates 5% of the US GDP.  The Professionals for Nonprofit Staffing Group reported that, over the past 10 years, the nonprofit sector has grown 20%. This is a staggering rate, especially when compared to the for-profit sector, which grew 2-3%.   The majority of people working in the nonprofit sector have little to no formal training in nonprofit management as undergraduate degrees in this area are rare.  Currently, SRU is one of 27 US universities and the only undergraduate degree awarding university in Pennsylvania to offer an undergraduate major in nonprofit management.

Writing for the nonprofit sector includes document production for both print and digital platforms, internal and external audiences, and for proposals as well as reports. Writing for the nonprofit sector demands the skills and knowledge to mediate between the needs of a nonprofit to present itself and solicit donations and the interests and needs of the particular communities that the nonprofit serves.  Writers for this sector must be able to articulate, market and advocate for an organization's mission, secure financial resources, provide evidence of program impact and influence public opinion on various social issues.  This certificate program is designed to enhance students' knowledge of the nonprofit sector and develop relevant writing skills so that they are better equipped to efficiently and effectively address the missions of the nonprofit organizations which they manage.

What Will You Learn?

In this certificate, you will learn to do the following:

  • Understand the impact of the nonprofit sector domestically and internationally
  • Understand the role of ethics and morality in the nonprofit sector
  • Develop skills in critical thinking, synthesis, analysis and application of information 
  • Focus on advocacy, financial management, community development, marketing, program design and evaluation, and resource development
  • Write documents that mediate the needs of a nonprofit and the needs of the community served
  • Develop skills necessary to prepare proposals and reports to secure funding and communicate through print and digital platforms, and advocate for the causes and clients of nonprofit organizations
  • Network with nonprofit organizations through experiential and service-learning assignments.  

Combining this certificate with a BA or minor in one of the Humanities or a BS or minor in Gender Studies, Social Work, Recreational Therapy or other programs that prepare students to offer direct service will prepare students to clearly communicate a nonprofit's mission, secure funding and promote its programming.

Careers In Nonprofits

Students interested in writing professionally to address cause-related issues would benefit from earning the Writing for the Nonprofit Sector Certificate. Students who complete this certificate will be able use their writing skills to make a difference while making a living.

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