Parks and Conservation

There is a long-standing tradition of SRU alumni who have studied and worked hard to protect and manage some of the greatest places on earth. These land managers started as students in the Parks and Resource Management Program through Parks and Conservation, and are now working in some truly amazing places. The PRM program prepares students for challenging careers in conservation and preservation. As in the past, future managers will also need to balance resource protection and management while allowing the public to play. This is at the heart of what a land manager does on a daily basis. Whether it is a national park, state park, or a local nature center a new adventure is just around the corner.

SRU students work hard in the classroom and are rewarded in the field. In what other job could you call Yosemite National Park or Moraine State Park your office? Want to get started on a path to a great career that most people only wish they had the chance to pursue? Contact us today and let us help you get that adventure started.

University mourns passing of Parks and Conservation catalyst

William "Bill" Shiner, Ph.D., 83, died on November 18, 2018 in Wytheville, Virginia.  Dr. Shiner started what is now the SRU department of Parks and Conservation, where he served as chair and professor for 31 years.  Additional information, including how to support his memory and express condolences to his family, is available through Dr. Shiner's private memorial page.