Geography, Geology, and the Environment

If you enjoy learning about the earth and its peoples and landscapes, either in your backyard or far away, Department of Geography, Geology, and the Environment at SRU offers a wealth of opportunities. Our department provides six degree paths all of which emphasize the collection, analysis and representation of earth data at scales ranging from the local to the global. The primary objective of our department is high quality education. Our department excels at providing professional and career opportunities that enable students to utilize the knowledge, skills and values developed in our programs. Professional development is fostered through internships, numerous field experiences, undergraduate research activities, capstone activities and attendance at local, regional and national conferences.

Students with degrees from our department are highly sought after, particularly in the fields surrounding natural gas exploration and development, including resource extraction, environmental monitoring and conservation planning. Many of our students have found work that allows them to address important environmental and social issues. Representative employment areas for our graduates include environmental consulting, pollution remediation, environmental law or public policy, outdoor education, resource management, geographic information systems analysis, nonprofit environmental organizations and sustainable planning.

The Geography, Geology, and the Environment department was created in July 2001 from the merger of Geography and Environmental Studies with Environmental Geosciences. The department is located in the College of Engineering and Science.