Statistical Consulting Center

Welcome to the SRU Statistical Consulting Center housed in the the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. We provide support for faculty and graduate students with quantitative aspects of research. Complete this form to request a consultation and read below to learn more.


The three basic purposes of the Consulting Center are to:

  • Provide collaborative research assistance to faculty, research staff, and graduate students in all departments at SRU
  • Improve the quality of statistical research performed at the University
  • Provide an educational experience to qualified statistics students through statistical training

What We Do

After submitting a consultation request, an initial consultation appointment is scheduled. Services offered include experiment and survey design, data analysis with statistical software, identification of appropriate statistical methodology, and assistance interpreting statistical results.  Consultants do not provide independent research, though they will provide advice on how to conduct independent research. Current services do not include data entry or data transcription.  Services are not intended to help students answer homework questions or to provide tutoring. During the initial meeting, we will gather all the information about your project. We will then contact you for a second meeting to discuss statistical advice and plan for your research project. There is opportunity for long-term collaboration between Consulting Center staff and other university researchers.

Our Staff

  • Amanda Goodrick (Director); data analytics and applied mathematics
  • Dr. Woosuk Kim; Bayesian and mathematical statistics
  • Dr. Dil Singhabahu; biostatistics, high dimensional data and dimension reduction methods related to fMRI
  • Other faculty as needed


Normally the Consulting Center and its consultants do not receive compensation for consulting. However,   

  • If the statistical consultation results in an intellectual contribution to your paper, then co-authorship is warranted. 
  • If the statistical consultation leads you to believe that your funded research or grant proposal needs ongoing statistical support, then a financial contribution through the grant is warranted. 
  • If you are grateful to your statistical consultant, then we accept compensation through chocolate.