Math Placement

Depending on a student’s major requirements, they may be required to take a mathematics assessment to determine their first mathematics class. Appropriate placement into a first college mathematics course is extremely important to ensure student success in their first course and in future mathematics courses. It also ensures students do not waste valuable time and money taking a course they have already mastered. The assessment called ALEKS is free, available online, and takes about 1-2 hours to complete. It can be taken multiple times, and upon completion, personalized learning modules will provide the student with the opportunity to improve their score in subsequent attempts.

Students are required to take the placement assessment if their major requires MATH 125: Precalculus, MATH 131: Discrete Mathematics, or MATH 225: Calculus I, and they do not already have College in High School or AP credit for one of these courses. For all other required freshman level mathematics courses, the first mathematics course is determined according to the student’s high school transcript. In some cases, students may be placed into the prerequisite course ESAP 110: Beginning Algebra or MATH 120: Intermediate Algebra, prior to taking additional required mathematics courses. Neither of these classes fulfill any Rock Studies requirements, and all students are encouraged to place out of these courses through use of the ALEKS learning modules and retaking the assessment.

Note: Students majoring in Chemistry, Computing, Cybersecurity, Engineering, Environmental Geosciences, Mathematics, or Physics are required to take a mathematics class in their first semester, and they should complete the assessment at least two weeks prior to orientation so that a complete course schedule can be created. Otherwise, their schedule will remain incomplete, and they will not be enrolled in a math course until completion of the assessment. Graduation may be delayed for these students if they do not enroll in a mathematics course in their first semester.