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Secure the homeland or the private sector by studying homeland or corporate security

Homeland/Corporate Security and Leadership

Are you interested in protecting and securing the United States, private businesses, and organizations? The security industry is a $400+ billion/year industry and offers a wide range of career opportunities. Expand your knowledge and build your professional career with Slippery Rock University's Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and the Bachelor of Science in Corporate Security. 

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We invite you to explore what makes SRU Homeland/Corporate Security Studies unique and join us in conversation. Learn about academic and career pathways in the security industry by talking to a faculty member. To schedule a session email Susan Lubinkski.


The Department of Homeland/Corporate Security Studies' mission is to provide the security communities of Pennsylvania, and the nation with ethically and critically informed graduates who can solve complex security issues. We accomplish this by providing an interdisciplinary program offering rigorous instruction, accessibility, and high quality educational experience to learners in Pennsylvania, the United States, and worldwide.

Our department partners with outside agencies to enhance the student’s learning and provide direct application of material learned.  We were selected by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) as a participant in the ACFE’s Anti-Fraud Education Partnership


Western Pennsylvania is one the forefront of security partnerships between universities, businesses, and government agencies such as the National Cyber Forensics & Training Alliance (NCFTA) and the PA Region 13 Task Force bolstered in part by the presence of multiple federal agency field offices in Pittsburgh. 

  • Graduates of the department have secured jobs in the following areas: 
  • Stadium Operations and Security Trainee, Atlanta Braves
  • Command Center Operator/Control Room Operator, Convergint Technologies
  • Claims Benefit Specialist, CVS Health Company
  • Digital Loss Prevention Analyst, Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Command Center Monitoring Agent, Edgeworth Security
  • Risk Detection Specialist/First National Bank
  • Security Planner, First National Bank
  • Associate Risk Control, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Physical Security, Lockheed Martin
  • Detection and Investigation Analyst, PNC Bank
  • Business Continuity Specialist/PNC Bank
  • Agent, Transportation Safety Administration
  • Intelligence Analyst, U.S. Army Intelligence
  • Border Agent, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Agent, U.S. Secret Service
  • Protective Detail, U.S. Supreme Court Justices
  • Customs Agent, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Intelligence Analyst, Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency
  • Officer, NYPD Counterterrorism Unit
  • Audit Evaluator, USPS Office of Inspector General
  • Asset Protection Agent, Nordstrom’s
  • Covert Protection Agent
  • Physical Security and ATFP Manager, U.S. Navy
  • Security Officer, Corporate Security and Investigations
  • Security Operations Center, Westinghouse Electric Company
  • Audit Evaluator, Office of the Inspector General, United States Post Office
  • Analyst, Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Secured Space Coordinator, Amazon Protective Services
  • Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service
  • Special Agent, U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations


The purpose of the Department of Homeland/Corporate Security and Leadership’s internship program is to enable the student to apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities learned in the program to a real life setting in order to solve complex security issues.  In an internship, the student will be both challenged and rewarded in many ways.  Internships can aide the student in determining which area of security studies they want to pursue as a career, open up doors for future employment, and help further prepare the student for full-time employment in the field. 

Internships are not required, but a student wo completes either a 3 or 6 credit internship can count their credits as major electives in the program.  In some cases, 9 and 12 credit internships may be approved.   The department does have some pre-established internships with various organizations and we also encourage students to find their own security related internship as well.  Students can complete these internships during the fall, winter, spring, or summer.

Homeland and Corporate Security majors have completed internships at various employers.  Some of these employers include:

  • Alarm Communications
  • Amazon
  • Boeing
  • David Lawrence Convention Center
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • FedEx Ground Corporate Headquarters
  • First National Bank
  • Gateway Health Plan/Highmark
  • Lawrence Country Emerg, Mgmt. & Homeland Security
  • Netflix Sweet Girl Movie Production
  • Pfizer, Inc.
  • Pittsburgh Office Emerg Mgmt. & Homeland Security
  • Pinkerton
  • Somerset Trust Company
  • Tesla
  • The National Cyber Forensics & Training Alliance
  • The Rivers Casino
  • S. Marshal Service
  • Walt Disney World
  • Zero Trafficking


All three of our undergraduate degree programs provide a foundation of knowledge needed for students interested in a variety of careers. There are a variety of professional certifications you may obtain upon graduation. The list below is not inclusive but includes the most popular certifications. We encourage you to research the requirements of these certifications as many of them require the passing of an exam and relevant work experience.  

Slippery Rock University offers a Prelaw Program

SRU is required by the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement and US Department of Education to notify you whether our program meets the academic licensure/ certification requirements in another state. All jurisdictions have their own requirements for licensure/certification eligibility. SRU is approved to offer programs that may lead to licensure/certification in Pennsylvania. We are unable to determine our program’s eligibility in states other than PA. Please review the licensing board contact resource at to seek guidance on the requirements of licensure in your home state or where you would like to practice professionally. Note that state requirements are subject to change at any time and without notice

National and State Ranked Program: Our homeland security program was ranked number six in the Top Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Homeland Security by (nationwide) and we were ranked in Source 2021 Best Colleges Niche as one of the Best Colleges with Homeland and Security and Disaster Management Degrees in Pennsylvania.