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Security Professionals Needed!

Secure the homeland or the private sector by studying homeland or corporate security

Homeland/Corporate Security Studies

Are you interested in protecting and securing the United States, private businesses, and organizations? The security industry is a $400+ billion/year industry and offers a wide range of career opportunities. Expand your knowledge and build your professional career with Slippery Rock University's Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and the Bachelor of Science in Corporate Security. 

The Department of Homeland/Corporate Security Studies' mission is to provide the security communities of Pennsylvania, and the nation with ethically and critically informed graduates who can solve complex security issues. We accomplish this by providing an interdisciplinary program offering rigorous instruction, accessibility, and high quality educational experience to learners in Pennsylvania, the United States, and worldwide.

Security in the public sector (Homeland Security), and security in the private sector (Corporate Security) is a top priority in today's society. In 2014, a nationwide survey of private security managers and directors was conducted by Securitas USA and showed that the single most important management issue of concern was building and maintaining security staffing effectiveness. New security organizations within companies will need a properly-educated staff to protect the company and to manage risk efficiently.

Security Careers in the Region

The region around SRU plays an important role in defending and securing the United States. According to the FedScope data tool from the Office for Personnel Management, in March 2015, one in five Department of Defense employees worked in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or New York. In particular, Western PA is one the forefront of security partnerships between universities, businesses, and government agencies such as the National Cyber Forensics & Training Alliance (NCFTA) and the PA Region 13 Task Force bolstered in part by the presence of multiple federal agency field offices in Pittsburgh. A Wall Street Journal article from August 2015 points out that the western PA region is successful in building private-public security partnerships because the relatively stable labor force gives government agencies the opportunity to develop lasting, trusting relationships with businesses and institutions in the region.

Majors, Minors, and Certificates

SRU's Homeland/Corporate Security Studies department offers a Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Security. The Corporate Security degree has two concentrations:  a concentration in Fraud and a concentration in Organizational Security. There are also three minors:  Fraud, Homeland, and Organizational Security.  We also offer three certificates: Fraud, Homeland Security, and Organizational Security. The courses contained within the majors, minors, and certificates are drawn from the established competencies identified by professionals in both the private/corporate and public/homeland  security professions. 


We also offer internships in both the private and public sectors. Our students have interned and /or worked security for national security firms, the US Marshalls, and major Fortune 500 companies. Our designated internship coordinator comes from the security industry and can provide you with the guidance you need.     

Professional Certifications

All three of our undergraduate degree programs provide a foundation of knowledge needed for students interested in a variety of careers. There are a variety of professional certifications you may obtain upon graduation. The list below is not inclusive but includes the most popular certifications. We encourage you to research the requirements of these certifications as many of them require the passing of an exam and relevant work experience.

  • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) (offered by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners)
  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP) (offered by ASIS International)
  • Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) (offered by ASIS International)
  • Physical Security Professional (PSP) (offered by ASIS International)
  • Certified Homeland Protection Professional (CHPP) and Associate (CHPA)
  • American Board for Certification in Homeland Security

Slippery Rock University offers a Prelaw Program. If you have any further questions regarding this particular program, please feel free to contact our departmental prelaw advisor Dr. Susan Lubinski (