Advisory Board

The SRU Management and Marketing Board of Advisors is composed of knowledgeable volunteers who provide advice, and assistance, to our programs, major, and department. Board of Advisors members are professionals from industry in disciplines associated with Business Administration, Management and Marketing. They have been selected based upon their recognized expertise in the related disciplines.  Members include active professionals, educators, and distinguished alumni nominated by department faculty or current board members.

Board of Advisors members offer continuing guidance and ongoing feedback to the faculty to enhance the effectiveness and quality of degree programs. Additionally, advisory board members help our student secure internship and professional development opportunities. 


  • Bill Ringle: System Ringle
  • Jeff Black: PPG
  • Jessica Lynch: Lynch Legal Consulting, LLC
  • Shane Jakubovic: Covestro
  • Paul Lamping: Lamping and Associates, LLC
  • John Nabozny: BNY Mellon
  • Robert Solano: SAP Ariba
  • Shannon Baker: Gatesman Agency
  • Lyndse Costabile: FunD Av Consulting
  • Jen Crowley: Astrobotic
  • Tracy DeLucia: Giant Eagle
  • Bill O'Rourke: Merit Leadership, LLC
  • James McEvoy: II-VI Incorporated