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Kim Arntz

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Addison Winterhalter

Major/Minor: Dual Major in Management and Marketing/Dual Minor in Human Resource Management and Music
Expected Graduation: May of 2020
Company: SAP Ariba
Title: Knowledge Center of Excellence Intern
Why SRU: I chose Slippery Rock University because it had everything I needed - a grade "A" business school with programs to match my interests, a fantastic Jazz Ensemble, and a warm community atmosphere. It's close enough to Pittsburgh for networking/other events and isolated enough to focus on my studies.
Why Business Management: My goal was to enroll in a program that provided me with a solid understanding in core business functions (Finance/Accounting, Marketing, HR, MIS, etc.), but also supplied focus in management-related concepts that would aid me in my career path (especially towards management positions).
How SRU's Program helped in creating my future: My time at SRU has given me opportunities that I have never thought possible - A very in-depth and detailed business curriculum taught by industry-experienced faculty members, networking connections, and lessons in professional development, to name a few. I am proud to say that the Slippery Rock University School of Business has prepared me for a successful future in this field.

Amy Winterhalter

Graduation: May 2017
Company: Fragasso Financial Advisors
Title: Operations Assistant (IT) 
Why SRU: I chose Slippery Rock because it felt like home. Not only did I feel comfortable, but there was also an amazing business school with professors that genuinely cared about the students. It had a community atmosphere where I made lifelong friends. Slippery Rock gave me the "Home away from Home" experience. I was close enough to Pittsburgh that I could go home when I needed to, and I could feel safe and content on campus, too.
Why Business Management:  I had no idea what I wanted to do when I first started looking at colleges. Once I committed to Slippery Rock's business program, I knew it was the right choice. As the years went on, I developed my degree further with the help of the professors. They provided one-on-one advice when I needed it, and that truly helped me add to my degree and my overall knowledge.
How the program helped me in creating my future: While I attended SRU, I worked as an intern at a company where I ultimately was offered a full-time position. One of my first initiatives was a paperless project and then other data organization projects during my internship that tested what I learned at Slippery Rock. What I learned at Slippery Rock contributed to my time management and operational skills.  This was the foundation I needed to be successful at my current position as an operations assistant. 

Nate Plank

Major/Minor:  Business Management, Minors in Healthcare Administration and Management, and History
Graduation:  Spring 2019
Company:  UPMC Health Plan
Title:  Claims Payable Analyst
Why SRU: Slippery Rock University's core competency is the cost-effective four-year college education it offers.  Despite the rising cost of post-secondary education in the United States, SRU continues to offer students one of the lowest tuition rates in the state of Pennsylvania.  However, this low cost of tuition does not indicate poor educational quality.  In fact, ranks SRU in the top 20% of American universities in terms of educational quality for money spent.See link:
Why Business Management: Confession 1:  I did not know what I wanted to do at the beginning of my freshman year of college.  That is why I began my college career as "exploratory", or undecided. Confession 2: I still did not know what I wanted to do at the end of my sophomore year of college.  That is why I pursued and graduated with a bachelor's degree in business management. No matter which position you choose to pursue in a given industry, the people with whom you work will make your job what it is.  It is for this reason that a bachelor's degree in business management proved valuable to me.  
How the program helped me: Slippery Rock University's business management program taught me how to understand and relate to other people in the workplace.  Whether studying theories of teamwork, workflow, and power structure in a class like organizational behavior, discussing and testing those theories in management seminar, or putting those theories into action in an internship, your business management classes will prepare you as a young adult to succeed in any job touched by the wide-ranging field of business.

Kerrie Neuberger - SRU Class of 2016

Digital Marketing Strategist at North American Dental Group - New Castle, PA
"My experience with SRU started as a transfer student. I remember feeling anxious due to uncertainty of everything a new school brings. However, I quickly learned that I was surrounded by the most talented, supportive, and caring individuals I've ever met. SRU provided me a best-in-class experience that provided countless opportunities and prepared me for success early in my career. I'm confident that I would not be where I am today without the tremendous amount of knowledge I gained at SRU."

Zach Hall - SRU Class of 2014

Senior Sourcing Project Manager at Accenture, Pittsburgh, PA
"Since graduating in 2014, I have experienced several industries from Transportation Logistics, to Healthcare, and now the Technology field. The Marketing program at Slippery Rock taught me knowledge above and beyond what I could have ever expected to help me excel to where I am today. The professors truly understand how the business world works and do a fantastic job preparing us as young individuals to be successful in our careers."

Joe Ermi - SRU class of 2014

Senior account executive at ADP in Coraopolis, PA. 
"The emphasis on interview preparation and resume building in the classroom and with the career education and development office really helped to set me up for success as a young graduate. SRU and its professors understand the importance of this skill-set and will have you acutely prepared for a post-graduate job hunt."

Marisa Lombardo - SRU Class of 2015

Global Marketing and Communications Manager at Chromalox Pittsburgh, PA 
"The genuine relationships that I received from personnel at Slippery Rock has contributed to my success. The education and guidance received from my professors and advisers led me down a path to nothing but success."

Ashley McCollum - SRU BSBA Class of 2016 and MBA Class of 2017

Associate Color Marketing Manager at PPG Architectural Coatings, Cranberry Township, PA   
"The professors in the School of Business are more than just educators; they are life mentors with years of actual business experience. They provide the one-on-one attention you need, help you build your professional network and are there to offer advice and guidance both during and after your time at SRU. If not for their constant efforts to connect us with other business professionals, I wouldn't know that a career in Color Marketing existed!"