Student Opportunities and Success

In addition to required DPT coursework and activities, there are a variety of special opportunities for those students with special interests. These include international activities, faculty-student research and attendance at professional conferences/meetings.

DPT Class Statistics and Graduation/Exam/Employment Rates

DPT Class Statistics
Graduation, Exam and Employment Rates

International Opportunities

At least every other year, DPT students have the opportunity to travel internationally with an SRU DPT faculty member during spring break to learn about health care systems, the practice of physical therapy (physiotherapy) and the education of physical therapists in other countries. Over the past several years these faculty-student trips have included Ireland, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Students interested in participating will receive partial funding for travel by the SRU International Services office.

Some SRU DPT faculty members participate in international medical missions and students may have the opportunity to be included in these missions. In the past, SRU DPT faculty have completed medical missions to Honduras, St. Lucia and Vietnam.

Several students each year also participate in a medical mission to Peru as part of the program's professional exploration course series. These trips are entirely voluntary and are managed by a group outside of the University and do not typically include SRU DPT faculty. However, department faculty will help connect the students with the appropriate individuals and help with coordination of the experience.

Research Opportunities

Students interested in participating in the research process, may contact GSPT faculty about participating in the faculty's research either as a subject or as a co-investigator. Every year at least a few students work with DPT faculty on their scholarly endeavors. These projects are varied and include both clinical research and foundational science projects. Many students have presented their research results at local and national professional conferences over the years. In addition, some students have co-authored articles in highly respected peer-reviewed, professional journals. The research opportunities made available to students are entirely voluntary and not required as part of the DPT curriculum. Students presenting research results at local or national conferences will be eligible for travel expense reimbursement from the program.

Professional Conferences

Students are encouraged to attend professional conferences provided by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association (PPTA) or other related conferences. Students presenting at conferences will be eligible for travel expense reimbursement from the program. Students attending, but not presenting, will be eligible for partial funding of conference registration fees. In addition, there is a small fund that provides at least partial funding for all DPT students attending the annual APTA Student Conclave.