Q: When can I apply to the program?
A: Applications for the DPT program are accepted in the fall semester prior to entering the program in the fall semester of the following year.

Q: When is the deadline for applying to the program?
A: Applications are accepted for the DPT program until the class has been filled. However, application review begins on November 1 and it is best to have your application completed before that date.

Q: What is the best undergraduate degree if I plan to become a physical therapist?
A: Although having an undergraduate degree in a related field can be useful, keep in mind that many, if not most, students entering SRU as undergraduates and planning to attend the DPT program never even apply. This is due to a variety of things including academic concerns, a developing interest in a different field and personal reasons. In any case, the most important consideration in choosing an undergraduate degree is that should you decide, for any reason, not to become a physical therapist, you will be prepared to pursue another occupation that you will find rewarding.

Q: I am an international student who earned my bachelor's degree in another country. Am I eligible to apply to the DPT program?
A: You need to contact the International Services office at SRU so they can help you with a review of your background and assure that any special requirements are met. Once that is completed successfully, you may apply to the SRU DPT program as usual through the SRU Graduate Admissions office.

Q: Can I begin the program in the spring or summer semesters?
A: Students are only admitted to the SRU DPT program in the fall each year. The courses must be taken sequentially and each entering class progresses through the program as a cohort.

Q: Can I do my volunteer hours with an athletic trainer instead of a physical therapist?
A: Only those volunteer hours completed under the direct supervision of a licensed physical therapist will be counted toward the minimum required.

Q: How do I find a place to complete the required volunteer hours?
A: You should locate clinics near the University or your home and contact them about doing some volunteer work. Let them know you are planning on going to PT school and want to learn as much as possible about the profession. Nearly all physical therapists practicing today completed volunteer hours as one of the requirements for applying to a PT program and most of them are happy to have volunteers in the clinic.

Q: I have been working as a PT aide. Can I count those hours toward my "volunteer" hours?
A: Yes, as long as you have been directly supervised by a licensed physical therapist. The major reason to have prospective students do volunteer hours in PT clinics is so that they learn as much as possible about physical therapy. Working as a PT aide gives ample opportunity to gain this knowledge.

Q: Do I have to have my undergraduate diploma before I can apply to the program?
A: No, most applicants apply to the program prior to graduating with a bachelor's degree. You will, however, need to have the degree completed and your final transcript in hand before you will be allowed to begin the DPT program.

Q: How do I find housing?
A: Slippery Rock University does not provide on-campus housing for graduate students. All graduate students must acquire off-campus housing; this can be accomplished in a number of ways. The office of Residence Life maintains a listing of off-campus housing which you can find by contacting them or visiting their website. The department secretary will forward incoming students any housing opportunities that come to her attention. Also, current DPT students will sometimes need to replace a roommate that has graduated, the secretary will also forward these emails onto you. The department will not make housing arrangements for you and only has housing information as it becomes available and does not keep the information once it has been forwarded on.

Q: How do I register for classes?
A: Your classes will be scheduled for you and rarely are there exceptions made in regards to when your classes are scheduled. The only exceptions are for PT Graduate Assistants because they must be available for the courses they are assisting with.

Q: How many seats are available each year?
A: Approximately 50 students are accepted each year. Occasionally, this number may vary slightly. Ten seats are reserved for SRU 3+3 students. The other 40 seats are available to any and all applicants regardless of 3+3 or 4+3 status at the time of application.

Q: Do you favor in-state vs. out-of-state students when making the decision to offer a seat?
A: No, all applicants have an equal and fair opportunity to become a DPT student. It may seem as though we accept a higher percentage of in-state students but that is only because we receive more in-state applications.

Q: I'm a high school student interested in majoring in physical therapy; can I apply to your program?
A: No. You must first earn a bachelor's degree before applying to PT school. You should contact the office of Undergraduate Admissions to discuss options for your major and to explore the 3+3 pre-PT major options.

Q: I have questions about the on-line application and how to apply, who should I call?
A: Please call the Office of Graduate Admissions with all questions regarding your application and the application process.

Q: Who should I contact if I want to visit Slippery Rock University and the Physical Therapy Department?
A: Please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions to arrange visitation and tours of the campus. Our faculty members are very busy and are only on campus at certain times and those times are often dedicated to our current students so they are not always available if you drop in for a surprise visit. If you insist on meeting with an individual faculty member, please see our Faculty page and contact the faculty member directly to arrange a convenient time for both of you. High School students should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to schedule a time to visit campus.

Q: I have questions about program costs, financial aid, and scholarships, who should I contact?
A: Please contact the Financial Aid Office or visit their webpage for more information. The Physical Therapy Department is not involved in determining tuition costs, obtaining financial aid, or maintaining a list of scholarships even though there are scholarships that are reserved only for PT students. You can find a list of all scholarships available to Graduate Students on the Financial Aid website.

Q: Can one of my references from a licensed PT be from a chiropractor, PTA, medical doctor, etc?
A: No, only references from licensed PT's are acceptable. Your third reference can be from anyone of your choosing although the department prefers that it be from an educational advisor or professor.

Q: Do you recommend that I be employed while enrolled in the PT program?
A: We do not usually recommend that you have a job while enrolled in the PT Program (especially in the 1st year), though many of our students are able to successfully handle the demands of both work and school. Also, the department will not accommodate your work schedule when registering you for classes and labs.