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Physician Assistant Studies

The faculty and staff of the Physician Assistant Studies program at SRU are committed to preparing our graduates to adapt to the ever-changing medical profession while becoming gainfully employed as mid-level medical care providers and filling the medical needs of the region. 

Mission Statement

The program's focus is to train and develop Physician Assistants with an emphasis on providing care to special populations. The program will aspire to instill lifelong learning skills while advancing the health needs of the region served by the University. Graduates will possess skills and leadership abilities to make a difference in the quality of life in the healthcare environment in which they will work.

*Updated January 2023


The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc. (ARC-PA) has granted Accreditation-Continued status to the Slippery Rock University Physician Assistant Program sponsored by Slippery Rock University. Accreditation-Continued is an accreditation status granted when a currently accredited program is in compliance with the ARC-PA Standards.

Accreditation remains in effect until the program closes or withdraws from the accreditation process or until accreditation is withdrawn for failure to comply with the Standards. The approximate date for the next validation review of the program by the ARC-PA will be 2030 March. The review date is contingent upon continued compliance with the Accreditation Standards and ARC-PA policy.

The program’s accreditation history can be viewed on the ARC-PA website at

Program Attrition

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Slippery Rock University Physician Assistant Program Attrition Table

Professional Licensure

Slippery Rock University is approved to offer programs that may lead to licensure/certification in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. SRU cannot confirm that the PA program meets the requirements for licensure/certification in any other state or commonwealth. If you are considering to enroll in the PA program and be certified/licensed in a state other than Pennsylvania, please check the specific requirements for licensure in your state. If you are considering to work as a PA in other states that may require certification/licensure, you should first seek guidance on your state's requirements. For more information, please consult the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) on the specific state information.