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Cost of Attendance

SRU's PA program is one of the most affordable programs in western Pennsylvania. Graduates' starting salaries can be more than the cost of their educational investment.

Estimated PA Program In-State Tuition 2023-2024

Estimated PA Program Out of State Tuition 2023-2024

Physician Assistant Program Additional Estimated Expenses

  • Lap Top ~$1000
  • Medical Supplies ~$900
  • Books ~$800
  • Housing/meals/parking on away rotations (Clinical year) ~$5000.00
  • Background checks required for specific rotations in addition to those listed ~$100.00
  • Physicals/bloodwork/titers/drug screens: These are often not covered by insurance and are required for the first and second years. They must be performed every 12 months. In addition, onboarding at clinical sites may require additional lab work that is incurred at additional expense to the student ~$600
  • Background clearances/Drug screen for both year one and year two. Must be completed every 12 months ~$200
  • Scrub Attire for Labs and Lab Coat ~$100
  • PA Program ID Cards ~$30
  • Health Insurance ~Variable by plan
  • Student Malpractice Insurance/Professional Memberships ~$250

*Clinical rotations may require travel during the clinical year. Students are responsible for all housing and travel costs associated with clinical rotation placements.

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance (Tuition, Fees, and Additional Expenses)

*Living expenses are variable so this estimate does not cover costs for student housing, travel, lodging, or other costs incurred during the program for their student. Students are required to pay all expenses while on clinical rotations and associated costs to return to campus for clinical year call back days.


Estimated Total: $87,030.07

Out of State

Estimated Total: $121,382.95


The University Refund Policy is available here and at the Office of Student Accounts.

Additional Refund information can be found at the Office of Student Accounts under "Policies, Fee Description, and Tax Info."

Additional Information can be found here: Return of Title IV Funds.

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Questions regarding Financial Aid can be directed to The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships or email