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History (Master of Arts)

Offered by: History

The Master of Arts in History program's emphasis on historical thinking prepares students for exciting and challenging careers in diverse fields such as law, government, publishing, journalism, historical societies, consulting, and other private and public business. Educators seeking professional development also represent a sizeable proportion of our students. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for individuals with a Master's degree in history, in 2018, is $61,140. This program also provides students the knowledge and qualifications needed to advance to a doctoral program.

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What Makes SRU's online Master's in History Degree Different?

Our faculty are committed to a high-quality education. All our courses are taught by full-time faculty who are members of the History Department. This means you will learn from professionals who have real-world experience and have contributed to historical knowledge through publication of books and articles in their fields.

With small class sizes averaging fewer than 16 students during the academic year, students receive more individualized attention and are active participants in their courses.  At SRU, students are more than just a number to faculty who work with them to be successful.

Most graduates complete their degrees in two years or less. Students with more limited schedules can take as few as one course per semester.

The Curriculum

We offer a general history program requiring courses in U.S., European, and World History. To graduate, students must successfully complete a comprehensive exam that covers all three geographic areas. Courses in the Fall and Spring semesters are 15 weeks and intensive optional Summer sessions are 12 weeks.

Because all courses are fully online, individuals can work on an advanced degree while pursuing a career, and have the freedom to explore and study the past from anywhere in the world.

As an advanced study of History, students go beyond memorizing acts to understand how historians craft narratives and make arguments about the past. Students become proficient in the application of historical thinking, the constellation of critical thinking skills associated with the study of History that allow us both to critically examine the past and be better able to interpret and analyze information in the present.

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SRU's Master of Arts in History program offers:

·   30-credit programs without a thesis option
·   Offer students broad content coverage
·   Provide students with current questions explored and methods employed by historians
·   Deepen students' abilities to analyze historical scholarship and interpret the past
·   Improve writing and communication skills
·   Pass/fail written comprehensive exams in three geographic areas that can be taken after the completion of 21 credits
·   Teaching modalities - reading, analyzing, discussing texts; synthesis of data and analysis
·   Typical assessment modalities - online discussion, analytical/historiographical papers


Attention: To apply for admission, please use the following link to apply now.

  • $25 Application Fee
  • Essay:   Select a current event or situation and write an essay analyzing it from a historical perspective.
    The admissions committee is looking for an essay of 1,000-1,500 words that does all of the following:
    -  Work representative of you as an academic writer and critical thinker, including proper writing and grammar.
    -  Analysis of how the current event/situation connects to the past
    And at least some of the following:
    -  Demonstrating historical complexity and/or contingency
    -  Addressing change over time
    Note that citations are not required, but if used, Chicago Manual of Style format is preferred.
  • Personal Statement:   Write a one-page letter that explains your motivations and goals for pursuing the MA degree 
  • Official Transcripts: Undergraduate/Graduate (Official transcripts must be sent by institution via electronic transcript e-share to  graduate.admissions@sru.edu or via mail- faxed copies will not be considered official) 
  • SRU current/Alumni/former students click  here to order your official SRU final transcript and have it sent to  graduate.admissions@sru.ed

*If you are requesting review of your graduate transcripts for transfer of credit, please complete the  transfer of credit form and submit to the Office of Graduate Admissions with official graduate transcripts. Please review SRU's  transfer of credit policy.

* If you are not a resident of Pennsylvania, please check the list of most recent states approved for online classes and internships by  clicking here  to see if SRU is authorized to offer distance education and/or field experiences in your state of residency.