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Biology: Histotechnology

Offered by: Biology

Note: Beginning Fall 2023, students will no longer be able to select this concentration. If you have any questions, please contact the program director, Dr. Stacy Hrizo.

Histotechnology is the science of cell structure and their formation into tissues and organs. As a Histotechnologist, or Histotechnician, you'll be at the forefront of medical practices and technologies, using the experience and education you've earned at SRU to detect tissue abnormalities and treat the diseases that cause them.

Why Choose Biology: Histotechnology?

By its very nature, Histotechnology is a hands-on science. At SRU, our commitment to experiential learning enables you to apply your years of classroom education in our affiliates' laboratories.

We have an affiliation with the Histotechnology program at UPMC Magee-Women's Hospital.

With a degree from SRU and this powerful partnership, you will enter your career one step ahead of the competition.

What Will You Learn?

At SRU, you'll learn the basic principles of cell biology, immunology, histology, and genetics. This well-rounded curriculum is designed to give you the basis you need to succeed during your practicum at one of our affiliates where you will receive training on the laboratory equipment and procedures that make up the histology. You will graduate ready to begin a successful career in histotechnology.

Careers In Biology: Histotechnology

Histotechnologists and Histologists are members of laboratory teams who diagnose diseases, conduct research, or teach others in the field. Currently job opportunities for qualified Histotechnologists outnumber applicants. Histotechnologists are commonly part of a laboratory team in hospitals, clinics, public health facilities, veterinary practices, forensic labs, industrial research facilities, and dermatopathology labs.

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