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Biology: Pre-Masters of Education

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As a student in the Department of Biology, you will gain a comprehensive and contemporary understanding of the biological sciences through experiences that are both stimulating and challenging. Our courses include both lecture and hands-on, experiential laboratory component. As a Biology student with a focus on Education, you'll benefit immensely from this hands-on training.

Keep in mind, if you goal is to become a secondary education teacher, you must also complete requirements for a Master of Education degree, which is a one-year program at SRU.  At SRU, you can choose either a BA or BS to complete your degree in Biology: Pre-Masters of Education.

Why Choose Biology: Pre-Masters Of Education?

The Biology program offers flexibility in biology course selection so that students may better pursue individual interests. When you choose a major in Biology: Pre-Masters of Education, you will have the comprehensive background that all SRU biology students receive, in addition to the foundations you will need to become a secondary educator.

What Will You Learn?

All of our programs are designed to steadily develop the quantitative, deductive, and inductive reasoning skills that biology teachers  must have. As you progress through the program, you will gain the skills and knowledge necessary for successful completion of evaluations, such as the Praxis, which is required for teacher certification in most states.

Careers In Biology Education

Students seeking state teacher certification in secondary education must also complete requirements for a Master of Education degree, a one-year program at SRU in the Department of Secondary Education/Foundation of Education.

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