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Apply classroom knowledge through a variety of hands-on clinical experiences

Exercise Science: Pre-Athletic Training

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Choose Exercise Science if you're preparing for graduate study and a career as an Athletic Trainer.


SRU Exercise Science is recognized as one of the best accredited undergraduate programs in the country. Students are highly successful at gaining acceptance into Athletic Training programs and excelling in those programs once they are there. As an Exercise Science student at SRU, you'll become skilled in understanding the human body. You'll understand the psychology of motivation and how you can help your future patients and athletes reach their goals. You'll also learn how to use advanced technology and receive hands-on learning experiences. You'll receive a strong science base-including anatomy, exercise physiology, and biomechanics. And you'll learn how to apply that knowledge through practical experiences working with real people.

What are your options?

Exercise Science Pre-Athletic Training SRU 3+2: Earn a Master of Science degree in Athletic Training in five years rather than six. In the first three years, you complete your exercise science major courses and pre-requisites for the SRU AT graduate program. During your third undergraduate year, you apply for admission into the SRU AT graduate program. If accepted, your first year in the SRU AT graduate program meets the remaining requirements for your undergraduate degree. If not accepted, you continue to complete your undergraduate degree and can reapply to the program.

Exercise Science Pre-Athletic Training (SRU Traditional): Complete the requirements for your exercise science major and the pre-requisites for the SRU AT graduate program and apply to the SRU AT graduate program in your senior year.

Exercise Science Direct Admit (SRU 3+2 or SRU Traditional paths): Students admitted to SRU during the Fall 2023 semester or after, are granted direct acceptance into both the Exercise Science major and Athletic Training Master’s Degree Program.  Students will work with an academic advisor to follow either the SRU 3+2 or SRU Traditional pathway to make sure they remain in good academic standing and meet the requirements for both programs. 

Careers In Athletic Training

Upon completion of the Exercise Science undergraduate program and the Master of Science in Athletic Training, program you will be well prepared to embark on your career as an Athletic Trainer, a growing profession with increasing demand.  Graduates have the knowledge and skills needed to successfully work and collaborate with other medical professionals to optimize the activity and wellness of patients and clients in sport, work, and life.

Earn your Exercise Science degree with a Pre-Athletic Training major at SRU!

Slippery Rock University’s Exercise Science: Pre-Athletic Training major puts students on the path towards a career helping others. Interested in learning more about this program?  Request more information today!