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Begin your journey in the fitness field

The PAFM program at SRU prepares you to become an Athletic Trainer

Physical Activity & Fitness Management: Pre-Athletic Training

Offered by: Physical and Health Education

The Physical Activity & Fitness Management (PAFM) program combined with prerequisite classes will prepare you for a career as an Athletic Trainer.

Why Choose PAFM Pre-AT?

A degree in Physical Activity & Fitness Management (PAFM) with a focus on pre-athletic training is for people who are passionate about helping others reach their health, sports, and performance goals. This degree will combine academic content and practical application of learning. Pre-Athletic Training Club can provide camaraderie and networking opportunities. An education at SRU sets students apart and trains them to succeed in athletic training or other professions in the field of physical activity. We provide excellent opportunities for student-faculty research, internships, and other types of career development through the major.

What Will You Learn?

The Physical Activity & Fitness Management (PAFM) Pre-AT 3+2 program will provide a path that will prepare students with an interest in teaching, leading, and managing physical activity for continued study to become an Athletic Trainer. PAFM students will become skilled in understanding the human body and how it responds and adapts to exercise and physical activity. Students will also understand the psychology of motivation and ways to help athletes reach their health-related and sport-related goals. The PAFM Pre AT 3+2 program provides students with the knowledge base to work with people throughout their lifespan with an emphasis on physical activity and wellbeing. It then allows students to apply this knowledge. The curriculum is well-suited in preparing students to work with athletes in a physical activity setting.

Careers In Athletic Training

Most students will continue onward for graduate study to become an athletic trainer. Career paths that can also begin with a degree in Physical Activity & Fitness Management include:

Professional Sport Coaches
Strength & Conditioning Coaches
Fitness Instructors
Aquatic Professionals
Outdoor Adventure Professionals
Adapted Physical Activity Practitioners
Occupational Therapists