Planet Earth

Learn how weather impacts our world

Experience exciting research and study in the fascinating field of meteorology

Minor in Meteorology

Offered by: Geography, Geology, and the Environment

Meteorology is the scientific study of the atmosphere and atmospheric processes. Through the minor in Meteorology at SRU, you'll investigate the physics, dynamics and chemistry of the Earth's atmosphere. You'll also have numerous opportunities to engage in fieldwork and participate in undergraduate research with faculty members.

Why Choose Meteorology?

Weather impacts our lives and our world on a daily basis. If you enjoy learning about weather and climate, and how these elements impact people and the environment, the minor in Meteorology will prove rewarding. Through this program, you'll gain a better understanding of the principles controlling weather and learn to think critically about Earth's changing climate. A background in meteorology can also open the door to unique professional and educational opportunities doing some truly fascinating work.

What Will You Learn?

In the minor in Meteorology, you'll study weather patterns, air pollution, and Earth's changing climate. You'll learn how weather and climate influence our lives-and how we influence weather and climate. You'll also learn how to use technology to analyze weather and climate data, and forecast weather and climate patterns.

Careers In Meteorology

A minor in Meteorology at SRU will prepare you to continue your education or begin an exciting career as a meteorologist.

Meteorologists work in areas such as:

  • Academics - in research roles and teaching positions
  • Private sector - working as consultants or with research organizations
  • Television - presenting weather information to viewers
  • U.S. government - including the National Weather Service 

Clubs & Organizations

Geography, Geology, and the Environment Club