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Inspire a love of language

Learn to lead a classroom as an elementary school English teacher

Middle Level Education: English and Language Arts

Offered by: Secondary Education / Foundations of Education

If you have a passion for helping others to master new knowledge and skills, SRU has a regionally known program to prepare you for a rewarding career. Graduates of the Middle Level Education: English / Language Arts program are qualified to teach English, social studies, mathematics, and science to students in grades 4-6. By selecting a content discipline in English, you'll also be qualified to teach English / language arts to students in 7th and 8th grade.

Why Choose Middle Level Education: English/Language Arts?

The world needs great educators to teach and inspire young minds. As a middle-school English teacher, you'll have the opportunity to teach students essential reading, writing, and comprehension skills. Through the Middle Level Education: English / Language Arts program, you'll receive excellent preparation to start your career as a teacher-including student teaching experiences in diverse settings locally and abroad.

What Will You Learn?

In SRU's English / Language Arts program, you'll learn to create lesson plans to meet your students' specific needs and abilities, and work with students from diverse backgrounds. You'll also develop proficiency in English through courses like:

  • American and British literature 
  • Linguistics and grammar 
  • Mass media and society
  • Teaching writing 
  • Young adult literature 

Careers In Middle Level Education: English/Language Arts

The Middle Level Education: English / Language Arts program will prepare you for a career teaching English to students in grades 4-8. SRU is an NCATE / CAEP accredited institution, which means that by completing this program, you will have a wide range of knowledge and practical skills. Teachers and administrators often comment on the high-level of preparation SRU students have for the classroom setting.  In addition to the coursework requirements, Pennsylvania's teacher certification is met by successful completion of the Praxis Exam, a Criminal Background Check, and field and student teaching experiences.

Clubs & Organizations

  • Kappa Delta Pi
  • Secondary Education Club
  • SRU Collegiate Middle Level Association