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Collaboration for Success

At SRU, classmates often work together on learning projects.

Secondary Education: English

Offered by: Secondary Education / Foundations of Education

Writing and literature open up new worlds to students. As a teacher, you will enjoy a rewarding career that comes from guiding students who share your passion for English.


When you complete the Secondary Education: English program, you will be prepared to run a classroom, and you will have the confidence you need to create a successful curriculum. As an SRU teacher candidate, you will have a strong tradition to uphold, as administrators and cooperating teachers in the field know that SRU education majors have the knowledge and experience to meet the challenges of any classroom.

What Will You Learn?

As a major in Secondary Education, you will:

  • Design classroom instructions to meet students' needs and abilities
  • Use the latest technology in teaching
  • Work with a diverse population of students from various ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds
  • Become an expert in your content area

As an NCATE / CAEP accredited institution, SRU's Secondary Education: English program will give you a wide range of knowledge and practical skills.  You will have the opportunity to experience diverse classroom settings, as well as student teach both locally and abroad.


Upon graduation, you will be qualified to teach in Pennsylvania and across the United States. Offering a variety of support services like resume writing and mock interviewing, SRU provides you with the education and skills required to obtain employment. In addition to the coursework requirements, Pennsylvania's teacher certification is met by successful completion of the Praxis Exam, a Criminal Background Check, and field and student teaching experiences.

Clubs & Organizations

Kappa Delta Pi
Secondary Education Club

Student/Alumni Spotlight

Suzanne Hegarty received her B.S. in Secondary Education with a focus on English Literature. Currently, she teaches as an ELL teacher at the American School of Bangkok in Thailand. In Fall 2016, she will begin teaching mainstream English courses at the same school, including classes in World, American, and British Literature.

Suzanne is grateful for her Slippery Rock "English" education: "I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about my time at Slippery Rock, especially my time with the English department. The courses offered through the English department were the best ones taken at the university, and they helped me prepare for my job as a teacher. With the knowledge I received from the English department, I feel confident in my ability to share this information with high school students, and can only hope I can instill the same love of literature that Slippery Rock instilled in me."