Student actors in character

A theatre minor offers major opportunities

Develop your skills through diverse courses, as well as exploring all aspects of theatre production

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Dramatic theatre dialogue between two people

Shape the show

Take courses in Playwriting and Directing, and then write or direct a ten-minute play during our Brave New Plays festival!

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Students managing theatre productions

Run the show

Are you organized, responsible, and cool under pressure? Join our student stage management pool!

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Minor in Theatre

Offered by: Theatre

By choosing a minor in Theatre at SRU, you will develop your talents through a synthesis of experiences in classrooms, design and acting laboratories, and public performances. Theatre at SRU is a liberal arts program, which serves to enrich your understanding of and connection to the outside world.

Why Choose a Minor in Theatre?

Having a firm understanding of the principles of Theatre adds depth to a variety of other disciplines. You will be able to hone your talents in the fine arts while learning skills that will add depth and breadth to your chosen major. Through the Theatre minor, you can perform a major role like Lady Macbeth, manage the box office, design costumes, and scenery, or handle the many technical aspects of a fully realized theater production, and more.

What Will You Learn?

As a Theatre minor, you will learn basic principles and practices of the theatrical art form through core theatre classes. After your core coursework is complete, you can chose to narrow your area of study by choosing specific elective theatre classes. You will learn skills in the areas of acting, design, or arts administration- the practical applications of which will help to further your career.

Theatre minors are also eligible to participate in supported conferences and festivals, as well as the international theatre experience that occurs every other year during which students tour a full theatrical production to the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland: the largest performing arts festival in the world!

Careers In Theatre

You will find a variety of career opportunities in and outside of the theatre world, depending on the nature of your major. Many SRU Theatre students have gone on to successful careers in teaching and business, as well as the varied disciplines within the arts and humanities. Learn more about many of the exciting career possibilities that a Theatre degree from SRU can open up for you!