Wellness Minor

Learn About Lifelong Wellness

SRU's minor in Wellness teaches you to that wellbeing is a multifaceted journey replete with potential and discovery.

Minor in Wellness

Offered by: Physical and Health Education

This minor explores eight categories of wellbeing: physical, intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, financial, and occupational. The coursework has been chosen to provide the knowledge, skill, and ability to choose health-enhancing behaviors for the individual and society.

Why Choose a minor in wellness?

The average life expectancy of a United States citizen has fallen to 77 years, while other countries live into their 80s, and some regions into their 100s with virtually no disease. Americans suffer from diseases far more than other cultures, and students of this minor will learn how to avoid a similar fate by applying concepts of longevity and wellbeing into eight categories of their lives.

What Will You Learn?

Students of this minor will learn across multiple areas of wellbeing and apply knowledge from controlled research trials, public health programs, and the healthiest cultures in the world to elevate their health and productivity.

Careers In Wellness

Administration, Executive Leadership, Coaching, Counseling, Management, Nutrition, Research, Teaching, Training, and Wellbeing.

Clubs & Organizations

School Wellness Education Council

Pennsylvania Public Health Association

Early Childhood Club