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Help Shape the Next Generation of Healthy Students

School Wellness majors learn how to be effective K-12 teachers and leaders

Health and Physical Teacher Education: School Wellness Education

Offered by: Physical and Health Education

Slippery Rock University's Health and Physical Teacher Education program prepares you to help students maintain healthy lifestyles both at school and outside the classroom. Do you want to inspire young people to learn healthy habits that decrease their chances of long-term health problems? Are you passionate about motivating children to start lifelong behaviors that lead them to healthy futures? Look no further than SRU's School Wellness Education concentration.

Majors in this program are awarded a Bachelor's in Education with a major in Health and Physical Education and a concentration in School Wellness. An educator with this degree can make all the difference in students' lives, as today's K-12 children are spending less time outside and are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

Why Major in Health and Physical Teacher Education?

If you want to teach the next generation of students to embrace well-being and healthy lifestyles, the School Wellness Education major is perfect for you. As a School Wellness student, you will learn to educate and empower students to be physically active, make positive choices, and establish healthy behaviors. This program is popular with students looking to become physical education (PE) or health teachers for grades K-12.

Physical education teachers who earn their bachelor's degree at Slippery Rock are equipped with fundamental leadership and administrative skills. The program is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education in Physical Education.

Want to know what sets Slippery Rock's program apart? Read about how SRU is leading the nation in refocusing our curriculum to meet the needs of today's society, particularly children's needs, by focusing on movement and wellness as a means for preventing chronic health problems.

What Will You Learn?

The School Wellness Education program is based on the following seven components of living well:

  • Physical (activity and movement);
  • Fueling your body (nutrition);
  • Social and emotional wellness (strategies for managing stress, anxiety and depression);
  • The human body (muscles, bones and organs);
  • The human body response (benefits of wellness or consequences for lack of);
  • Health-related fitness (training principles); and
  • Injury prevention and wellness (self, others and environment).

Careers, Clubs, and Internships

Once you graduate from the School Wellness Education program, you will be certified as an effective Health, Wellness, and Physical Educator in a K-12 setting. School Wellness Education majors also have opportunities to join organizations such as Adventure Fitness, FIT, PHE, APA, and aquatic clubs at SRU.

Learn More About SRU’s Health and Physical Teacher Education Degree!

Slippery Rock University's Health and Physical Teacher Education major provides graduates with the skills needed to improve the wellness of K-12 students. Interested in learning more about the Student Wellness program? Request more information today!