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Department of Physical and Health Education

Students in the Department of Physical and Health Education at SRU learn how to promote health and wellness in a variety of settings.

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Department of Physical and Health Education

Taking courses in both theory and practical application prepares students to become leaders in wellness promotion.

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Department of Physical and Health Education

Participating in student organizations give students opportunities to advance in their field, improve their skills, and foster professional relationships.

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Physical and Health Education

Since 1926 SRU has been a leader in Health and Wellness Education. The Department of Physical and Health Education at SRU prepares both undergraduate and graduate students to become leaders in the growing field of Health, Wellness, and Physical Activity. 

Students take courses rooted in theory and practical experience, which prepares them to teach, lead, and manage health, wellness and physical activity in schools, community, and commercial settings, or through entrepreneurial endeavors. Students can choose from two concentrations and four minors, which allow them to translate their personal interests and love of health and wellness into a career that benefits others.

  • We offer two concentrations - School Wellness Education and Physical Activity and Fitness Management - which train students to be leaders in physical and health wellness and education through courses based in theory and practice.
  • Students also have the opportunity to pursue one of four minors including Adapted Physical Activity, Adventure FitnessAquatics, Coaching, or Wellness.
  • Student organizations, such as Aquatics Club, Adapted Physical Activity Council, Coaching Club, School Wellness Education Council, and Physical Activity and Fitness Management Club, provide students with leadership experience while fostering professionalism. 
  • The Department of Physical and Health Education at SRU also offers a Master of Science degree in Lifelong Wellness Through Innovative Leadership. This program takes a uniquely innovative approach to educating professionals on how to provide learners with both physical and overall wellness skills that can be carried throughout their entire lifetime. Participants can choose between two concentrations within the program: Adapted Physical Activity or School Wellness Education.

What Will You Learn

Students in the Department of Physical and Health Education at SRU learn about physical activity, wellness, fitness, and health education in practical hands-on classes and courses that focus on theory and best practices. The rigorous and thorough coursework prepares students to implement pioneering wellness programs while working with people of all ages and abilities.

Student Organizations

In addition to rigorous coursework and practical application, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of student organizations. While the organizations create long-lasting friendships, they also provide students with the opportunity to develop leadership and professional skills, which give graduates a competitive advantage in the workplace. Participating in student organizations also allows students to be stewards of the principles that guide the field of physical and health education. 

SRUAHPERD Mini-Convention

The Mini-Convention, which began in 1970, is an annual professional development event hosted by the Physical and Health Education Department at SRU. This entirely student-run event provides professionals and students the opportunity to meet, talk, and learn from experts in the field. With a keynote to inspire, and break-out sessions, programs, and demonstrations to educate and energize, this year looks to be an outstanding event. Please join us! You can find more information here. Just click on the Mini-Convention link on the top right corner of the SWEC website.