Students may have loans included in their financial aid packages to assist with financing their college education.  All loans must be repaid, with interest.  It is important for students to only borrow loans for the amount that they need to assist in paying for tuition and fees, room and board, books, and other education related expenses.  Students are encouraged to reduce or cancel any loan funds that are not needed in order to keep their loan indebtedness to a minimum.  For more information and assistance with financial planning for college, please visit My Smart Borrowing.

Borrowers are required to repay the full amount of the loan regardless of whether the borrower completes the educational program (or completes within a regular time for completion), is unable to obtain employment or is otherwise dissatisfied with or did not receive the education or other services the borrower purchased from the school.  Visit Student Loan Repayment to learn more about the federal student loan repayment process.