Slippery Rock University (SRU) offers a variety of student scholarships based on factors such as academic merit, athletic performance, leadership, community involvement, and financial need. Scholarships provide funding that does not have to be repaid, making your degree more affordable. Some SRU scholarships involve an application process, while others are awarded when a student applies to Slippery Rock or is majoring in a particular campus department. 

In addition, outside foundations also offer scholarship opportunities for students attending an institution of higher education. Some outside opportunities are listed under the Outside Scholarship and Students with Disabilities listed on the left side of this page.

Our scholarship lists are updated on a regular basis, so the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships encourages SRU students to check these pages regularly for new scholarships.

International Students: Scholarships specifically for international students are listed under the Global Engagement Office Scholarship page.

First-Year Scholarships for Incoming Fall 2024 Students

There are numerous scholarships offered at Slippery Rock University for first year students. Please review the information on First-Year Scholarships page for more information on the scholarship process and opportunities. 

Scholarships for Current Spring 2024 Students

Undergraduate or graduate students who are currently taking courses in fall 2023 should follow this information.

  • Review the information under Returning Undergraduate Scholarships or Graduate Scholarships. Check for scholarships under your college, major and miscellaneous. Most scholarships have deadlines between January 1st and April 1st.
  • Scholarships currently open for current undergraduate students:
    • Study Abroad Scholarships - Awarded to students who are planning to participate in a study abroad program. There are various different study abroad scholarships currently open. Please visit the study abroad section on this webpage for more information. 
  • For additional scholarship opportunities and educational sweepstakes, please visit the outside scholarships page.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships often adds new scholarships to this section of the site so current SRU students are encouraged to seek out their scholarship options each year they are enrolled. In addition to the scholarships listed on this page, SRU also offers merit scholarships for transfer students and encourages high-achieving students to apply for nationally distinguished scholarships and fellowships