Work Study

Federal work study provides part-time employment for undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need, allowing them the opportunity to earn money while enrolled in school to help pay for educational related expenses. Please review the different work study options available to students below.

Federal Work Study

Students must demonstrate financial need as determined by the FASFA to be considered for FWS.  Student employment positions are found by inquiring within the various offices on the SRU campus.  

Students must find their own jobs by completing a student employment application for each position desired and submitting that application to the student employment supervisor whose name and location are listed on the job description. No student is guaranteed a job.

Employers are made aware of students who are eligible for FWS and these students are to be given priority in the hiring process. A maximum of twenty hours per week may be worked during periods of enrollment. The current wage rate is $7.25/hour. Students are paid on a bi-weekly basis for the number of hours worked.

Community Service Work Study

Federal work-study eligible students may wish to seek employment through the Community Service Work Study program. Several areas on campus offer Community Service positions including the SGA Child Care Center, the Institute for Community Service and Learning, the Macoskey Center, the Aebersold Recreation Center and the Women's Center.

Students must be eligible for Federal Work Study in order to apply for a Community Service position. Additional information can be obtained from the SRU Financial Aid Office.

State Student Employment Program

For those students who do not demonstrate financial need as determined by the FAFSA, the University offers an extensive employment program using institutional funds. Maximum hours, wage rates and hiring procedures are identical to those of the FWS program.