Meet the Pride Guides

The Pride Guides are an important asset to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Pride Guides assist with office tasks and help with admission events throughout the year. They share their SRU experiences and love for SRU on their campus tours.


Hometown: Hamburg, NY
Major: Exercise Science - Pre-Occupational Therapy
Minor: Spanish
Campus Involvement: The Honors College, MEDLIFE, Pre-OT Association, Spanish Club
Why I chose SRU: "I chose SRU because of the welcoming atmosphere. From my first time on campus, everyone was so friendly, and I knew that SRU was going to be a perfect fit for me. It offered the best opportunities for me to get a one-of-a-kind education and do all the extracurricular activities I wanted. I am so glad I chose Slippery Rock!"


Hometown: Slippery Rock, PA
Major: Health and Physical Education
Minor: Adapted Physical Activity
Campus Involvement: Women's Track and Field Team, School Wellness Education Council, Adapted Physical Activity Council 
Why I Chose SRU: “I chose SRU because I love the overall feel of the campus, and the Health and P.E. Department. It is also a great balance of academics and athletics."


Hometown: New Florence, PA
Major: Health Care Administration and Management - Leadership Concentration
Campus Involvement: Future Healthcare Leaders, Alpha Xi Delta
Why I chose SRU: "I chose Slippery Rock University because it felt like home! Growing up in a small town made it so much easier to adapt to college life. Choosing Slippery Rock was the best decision I have ever made!"


Hometown: Jefferson Hills, PA
Major: Psychology
Campus Involvement: Pride Guide
Why I chose SRU: "I chose SRU because of how much it felt like home, especially the surrounding town. The minute I walked on campus for the first time, I could tell this was going to be my new home away from home."


Hometown: Monroeville, PA
Major: Psychology
Minor: Leadership
Campus Involvement: Psychology Club, Rock Spin Instructor
Why I chose SRU: "I chose SRU because while touring I felt like I was at home. The campus was not too small but not too big. I felt as if I was welcomed into my program. It also was the perfect distance from home."


Hometown: Slippery Rock, PA
Major: Early Childhood Education
Campus Involvement: The Honors College, Early Childhood Club, Best Buddies, Psychology Club, Delight Ministries
Why I Chose SRU: “I chose SRU because I spent a lot of time growing up coming over to SRU and fell in love with the campus and the people who come here!"


Hometown: Clarence Center, NY
Major: Psychology - Pre-Student Affairs 
Campus Involvement: The Honors College, Psychology Club, Club Softball
Why I chose SRU: "I chose SRU because my in-person tour had a significant impact on me. SRU is a place with lots of opportunities to expand my interests and partake in activities I already enjoyed."


Hometown: Northampton, PA
Major: Health Science - Public Health
Campus Involvement: SRSGA, ARHS, PA Public Health Association - Collegiate Chapter, Enrivonmental Education and Interpretation Club
Why I chose SRU: "I chose SRU because of its welcoming and community-centered atmosphere! I knew coming here that I would feel right at home. "


Hometown: Hanover, PA
Major: Sport Management
Minor: Leadership
Campus Involvement: SRU Football Team, Team Rock Student-Athlete Ministry, Student Athlete Advisory Committee
Why I Chose SRU: "I chose SRU because it felt like home as soon as I stepped on campus. It was truly the best balance of both academics and athletics."


Hometown: Brookfield, OH
Major: Homeland Security
Campus Involvement: Women's Club Volleyball
Why I Chose SRU: “I chose SRU because the campus felt the most like home to me." 


Hometown: Annapolis, MD
Major: BFA Dance Major double concentration in Performance and Choreography and Studio Ownership and Dance Entrepreneurship
Campus Involvement: Delight Ministries, National Honor Society for Dance Arts, the Honors College, Dance Express, Phi Sigma Sigma, Slippery Rock University Dance Theatre, Palenque Afro-Columbian Dance Ensemble  
Why I Chose SRU: “I chose SRU because it felt like my home away from home and the amazing Dance program! When I toured for the first time, I loved the atmosphere and the friendly people on campus. I fell in love with the Dance program and the talented faculty members when I came to campus.”


Hometown: Troy, PA
Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice
Minor: Political Science
Campus Involvement: Criminal Justice Honor Society, Criminology Club, and FYRST Seminar Peer Leader
Why I Chose SRU: “I chose SRU because as soon as I stepped on campus, I knew that SRU would be my home. The campus was big enough for me to meet a lot of new people, and was small enough that it was not overwhelming."


Hometown: Windber, PA
Major: Recreational Therapy 
Minor: Adapted Physical Activity
Campus Involvement: The Honors College, Recreational Therapy Club, Best Buddies, Adapted Physical Activity Council, The Harbor 
Why I Chose SRU: “I chose SRU because of all the unique programs offered and how many ways I saw myself getting involved. Slippery Rock and their faculty made it clear how much they valued their students which was something very important to me. The community could not have been any more welcoming and it was so easy to see my future here as a student. Coming to SRU was the best decision I could have made!”


Hometown: Johnstown, PA
Major: Exercise Science - Pre-Physical Therapy
Campus Involvement: Pre-PT Club, Exercise Science Society, Honors College
Why I Chose SRU: "I chose SRU because campus was just the right size and I really liked how helpful and welcoming everyone was!"


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Middle Level Science Eduation
Campus Involvement: The Honors College, Secondary Education and Foundations of Education Club, University Program Board 
Why I Chose SRU:I knew I wanted to be a teacher, and I heard Slippery Rock was great to help me on my journey. I choose Slippery Rock over anywhere else because the campus was very inviting. After I had toured, I knew this is where I belonged


Hometown: Apollo, PA
Major: Information Technology
Minor: Cybersecurity
Campus Involvement: SRSGA, ARHS, The Honors College
Why I chose SRU: "I chose SRU because of its stunning campus and wonderful community. The beautiful surroundings and relatively modern infrastructure create a great learning environment. The inclusive campus community also stood out to me, making it the perfect fit for a well-rounded college experience."


Hometown: Rural Valley, PA
Major: Early Childhood Education and Special Education
Campus Involvement: Delight Ministries, Alpha Xi Delta, SRU Honors College, Rock Life Coach 
Why I chose SRU: "I chose Slippery Rock because of its education program!"


Hometown: Lock Haven, PA
Major: Sport Management
Campus Involvement: Sport Management Alliance, Women in Sports and Events
Why I chose SRU: "I chose SRU because of the hometown feeling it gave. When I first came to Slippery Rock I instantly felt at home and knew that it was the perfect fit for me. SRU also offers so many clubs and activities for students to participate in while also having one of the best Sport Management programs."


Hometown: Ebensburg, PA
Major: Sport Management
Minor: Leadership
Campus Involvement: SRU Track and Field Team, Honors College, Disc Golf Club Team, Sport Management Alliance
Why I chose SRU: "I chose SRU because the campus felt at home for me, and I loved the greenery and the vibe the campus gave off. I felt it had the perfect number of students on campus, along with one of the best sport management programs in the country. Along with nice and updated dorms, dining halls, and other facilities."


Hometown: Warren, OH
Major: Recreational Therapy 
Campus Involvement: Recreational Therapy Club 
Why I Chose SRU: “I chose SRU because it felt like home the first time I was ever on campus and it had exactly what I wanted to do for my career."