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Seeking Truth by the Brew House Association and Distillery Artist Residency

Exhibition dates: February 1 through March 4, 2021

Martha Gault Art Gallery proudly presents Seeking Truth from the Brew House Association and Distillery Artist Residency. Exhibition on view for the SRU community, February 1, through March 4, 2021, with a Zoom presentation February 17th, at 7:00 pm. Featuring a wide array of artworks including drawings, paintings, photography, film and sculpture by diverse Pittsburgh-based artists whose artworks imagine the liminal borders of what is and is not true during a time when uncertainty is ubiquitous. Exhibiting artists include Jamie Earnest, Adam Linn, Njaimeh Njie, Centa Schumacher, Sheila Swartz, and Kamara T. (Wavy Wednesday). Martha Gault Art Gallery Director Theresa Antonellis and Brew House Association Curator Natale Sweet will present a Zoom Gallery talk with Talk with artists, Jamie Earnest, Njaimeh Njie, Centa Schumacher. Contact for an invitation to the Zoom presentation.
Director Theresa Antonellis invites community responses to the artwork, and to the question “How do I seek what is real and what is true?” derived from the exhibition title, Seeking Truth. Responses may be submitted during normal gallery hours. The responses wall will be displayed on the community response wall.
Curator N. Sweet writes, “At a time when the American people are being inundated by a sense of uncertainty, artists demonstrate the profound outcomes that are possible when one willingly steps into the unknown. Breaking from past techniques, materials, and comfort zones, six artists rise to the challenge of creating artworks that reveal societal blind spots and shed light on shared human experiences in an ever-shifting landscape. Whether confronting the role of technology in our lives, exploring personal histories, or embracing remaining cultural comforts, artists featured in Seeking Truth look to interrupt our current understanding of what is real and what is true”.

Houses and Homes, Insides and Outsides  by Bailey M. Chick

Exhibition dates: March 8 through April 8, 2021

with a Zoom Artist’s Talk TBA


Pittsburgh artist Bailey M. Chick , a teaching artist with Westinghouse Arts Academy, is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is rooted in drawing, printmaking, and installation. Her work explores living spaces and psychological spaces as interwoven elements in development. She served as founding director for Metropolitan Gallery 250, is a curator with multiple credits, and has exhibited regionally and internationally. Chick received her BA from Tyler School of Art at Temple University, and her MFA from the University of Delaware, where she also served as adjunct printmaking faculty.  She is currently also the Head Coach of North Allegheny Rowing Association.

“The physical spaces we occupy, our homes, houses and the psychological spaces we find ourselves in are the central focus of my practice. Our very identities are crafted by, and within, these spaces. We grow, change, celebrate and suffer in them. The dollhouse in particular is a space that fascinated me as an extension of our homes and a manifestation of the psychological weight we grant our homes. A children's dollhouse in particular is an object of play, but also of learning. They are used to sort through emotion, to relive experiences and to realize and re-order reality all within the uncanny space of distorted proportion and simplified space. With the work in Houses and Homes, Insides and Outsides I consider the conflict and harmony of spaces both real and psychological created by the people who were a part of my own early growth and through the very literal placement of a house on or around a body. I invite you to enter with you mind the spaces provided the same way you would a dollhouse, to arrange and configure the space to your needs, and also to respond to the limitations they present.” ~Bailey M. Chick

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Martha Gault Art Gallery is adhering to established University guidelines for all in-person events. With that in mind, exhibits are open only to members of the University community – students, faculty and staff – that are wearing face masks and practicing proper social distancing. Exhibits are not open to the general public at this time.