Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition (Fall 2020)

Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition (Fall 2020)

The Martha Gault Art Gallery proudly presents the Bachelor of Fine Arts fall 2020 exhibitions, the capstone projects completed by art majors graduating in December 2020. Staging a capstone exhibition is a requirement for the BFA degree.

The exhibition showcases works in painting, graphic design and fiber art from Destiny Blackwell, a senior art major from Middlebury Center; Hailey McLaughlin, a senior art major from Slippery Rock; and Alexis Walker, a senior art major from Pittsburgh. The body of work by each artist is presented in the dedicated virtual gallery, with a statement from each artist.

BFA exhibitions are on view in the Martha Gault Art Gallery from Nov. 9-19. Due to COVID-19 mitigation efforts, the exhibit is open in-person only to University students, faculty and staff.

We invite you to explore the virtual galleries below:

Portrait on wood

Destiny Blackwell
Those Who Shaped Me

Yellow Bird Art

Hailey McLaughlin
Avian Connection

Justice art

Alexis Walker