Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition (Spring 2021)

Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition (Spring 2021)

The Martha Gault Art Gallery proudly presents the Bachelor of Fine Arts spring 2021 exhibitions, the capstone projects completed by art majors graduating in May. Staging a capstone exhibition is a requirement for the BFA degree.

The April 12-15 exhibition showcases artworks in graphic design, by Makaila Banka, a senior art major from Bradford, presenting “Pennsylvania Endangered Wildflowers;” Sam Firkaly, a senior art major from Linesville, presenting “Digestive Health;” Victoria Grabosky, a senior art major from Doylestown, presenting “Obake Karuta;” and Teya Heller, a senior art major from Jermyn, presenting “Bliss.”

The April 19-22 exhibition showcases artworks in painting by Nicole McGuirk, a senior art major from New Wilmington, presenting “On the Horizon;” ceramics by MacKenzie Garry, a senior art major from McDonald, presenting “Simply Modern;” and ceramics and fiber arts by Madison Wick, a senior art major from Grove City, presenting “Bloom.”

The body of work by each artist is presented in the dedicated virtual gallery, with a statement from each artist.

BFA exhibitions are also on display in the Martha Gault Art Gallery for two weeks in April. Due to COVID-19 mitigation efforts, the exhibit is open only to SRU students, faculty and staff. To request an invitation to the Zoom receptions, please email

We invite you to explore the virtual galleries below:

Paintings on wall

Madison Wick


Nicole McGuirk
On the Horizon


Teya Heller

Hex Art

Victoria Grabosky
お化けかるた Obake Karuta

Various lined colors

MacKenzie Garry
Simply Modern

Stomach art

Samuel Firkaly
Digestive Health

Yellow Flowers

Makaila Banka
Pennsylvania Endangered Wildflowers