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Alexis Walker


A tarot card is an artwork featuring its own unique design. When creating my own cards, I applied my own style focusing on minimalism, whimsical linework and femininity of embroidery. The embroidery technique emphasizes the use of linework and contour in each piece as well as my appreciation for the history and tradition of female work and artistic expression. A colored thread helps bring each card to life. Merging contemporary embroidery with the age-old practice of tarot cards creates an interesting contrast in my work. Although tarot cards are seen as a two-dimensional printmaking or contemporary design, I wanted to bring these cards to life with tangible threads by making them three-dimensional and tactile. This, I hope, will spark an interest in the viewer that will encourage them to delve deeper into each embroidered tarot card.

Tarot cards have helped me with self-guidance and self-discovery. These 22 major arcana cards that make up my work feature themes that are shaping my life and my souls' journey to enlightenment with each card having its own unique imagery and meaning.

Material: cotton fabric and thread
Dimensions: 8 inches x 6 inches

List of artwork titles:

0             The Fool

1             The Magician

2             The High Priestess

3             The Empress

4             The Emperor

5             The Hierophant

6             The Lovers

7             The Chariot

8             Strength

9             The Hermit

10           Wheel of Fortune

11           Justice

12           The Hanged Man

13           Death

14           Temperance

15           The Devil

16           The Tower

17           The Star

18           The Moon

19           The Sun

20           Judgement

21           The World

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