Medical Withdrawal and Readmission

Procedure for Medical Withdrawal from Slippery Rock University

Medical Withdrawals are reserved for students with medical circumstances making it difficult or impossible for them to complete coursework during the semester in which they are enrolled.


Students must meet in person or have a telephone interview with a Student Support staff member before medical withdrawal paperwork can be processed. Please make an appointment by calling 724.738.2121.

Medical documentation will be required to qualify for a medical withdrawal. Medical documentation must be on official health care provider letterhead or prescription pad, and signed by a licensed health care provider. The content must include the following information: name of student seeking medical withdrawal, type of medical issue or condition, notation that the condition impairs the student's ability to attend class, last date of attendance at Slippery Rock University, follow up treatment required.  Medical documentation can be faxed to 724.738.4920 or mailed to: Student Support, Slippery Rock University, 005 Patterson Hall, Slippery Rock, PA  16057. 

Important Information

A Medical Withdrawal may impact your financial aid or status of your student account.  Recalculation of financial aid will occur when any adjustment occurs with your tuition and fees. This could result in an amount due to the university. Please contact Financial Aid 724.738.2044 and Student Accounts 724.738.2088 for more information. 

Students living on campus will need to move from their Residence Hall once their withdrawal is complete.  Please contact Residence Life 724.738.2082. 

Student transcripts will reflect at "W" for the coursework during the semester of the withdrawal. 

Students who are medically withdrawn will not be able to access online student account information, student email accounts, on campus services, meal plans or the recreation facilities. Students will not be registered for the upcoming semester and will not be able to register until Medical Readmission has been completed. 

Procedure for Medical Readmission to Slippery Rock University

Students withdrawing for medical reasons must complete the medical readmission process before returning. Readmission forms should be completed and submitted as soon as possible to allow for processing and class scheduling. Students will NOT be readmitted for a current term once the first day of class has begun.     


  1. Complete the University Application for Readmission 
  2. Check your email for a meeting request from the Dean of Student’s office. To complete a medical readmission, you will need to meet with someone from the Dean of Students office to create a success plan and discuss your needs for readmission.   
  3. Obtain a release from a licensed health care provider indicating the ability to return to the University and enroll in course/courses. This release will also indicate if follow up treatment is necessary, and who will provide the care and service to you. This provider cannot be an SRU staff member. You will submit this paperwork to the person you meet with in the Dean of Students office.   
  4. Check your email (the one you provided when you applied) for the next steps or check the application portal to view what is missing to complete your application.   

Important Information to Consider: 

A student who left the university on a medical withdrawal will not be readmitted without meeting with someone from the Dean of Students Office.   

Readmission to Slippery Rock University may require several steps depending on the circumstances under which the student left the university. To allow for processing time, it is recommended you begin this process 2-3 months prior to the semester's start.  

Additional forms or payments may be required by Financial Aid, Student Accounts and/or Residence Life. Students are encouraged to contact those offices for more information: 

  • Financial Aid 724.738.2044 
  • Student Accounts 724.738.2088 
  • Residence Life 724.738.2082 

Student Health Services is located in Rhoads Hall. When returning from medical leave, it is important to be sure health services receives an updated and accurate health history. It is highly recommended that you make a brief appointment to talk with a nurse once you return to campus. To make the appointment please call, 724-738-2052. For a complete description of services, please visit the SHS website.

The Office of Disability Services (724-738-4877) provides students with reasonable accommodations and services to ensure equal access to education as intended by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008. To request accommodation, you can complete this online form.