Facilities and Furnishings

Each student room is provided with extra-long twin beds, mattresses, desks and chairs, drawer space and wardrobes or closets. All room furniture in the residence hall room is the responsibility of the student occupying the room. Room furniture assigned to the room may not be removed, stored or traded. Lobby and lounge furniture is provided for all students in the residence hall. This furniture may not be removed or relocated to student rooms.

WIFI and Telephones 

If you are a returning student and you have an account, you will need to log into your account, add/edit your devices and renew your account for the academic year.  Phones are not provided in the rooms; however, if you wish to sign up for residential telephone service, please contact ResNet to set up an account.  

Air Conditioning

All Residential Suites and Traditional Halls have air conditioning units in student rooms. North Hall, Rhoads Hall, and ROCK Apartments have energy set points in accordance with the campus wide energy policy for the heating and cooling so the temperature will remain between 70-74 degrees. Set points mean that the air conditioning will turn on at 74 degrees and the heat will turn on at 70 degrees.


Microwaves may be used in student rooms as long as they do not exceed 1100 watts. Refrigerators may not exceed 4.2 cubic feet. Refrigerators and microwaves are provided in Buildings A, B, D, E, F, and Watson Hall.

Cable Television

Cable is available in the common areas in the residence halls.


Elevator occupancy is limited to six people at a time. Individuals violating this policy and causing damage to an elevator may be required to pay for repair costs. Elevators are located in the Residential Suites and now also in the Traditional Halls.


Games, athletic equipment, billiards, ping-pong, vacuum cleaners, and recreational equipment may be checked out at the front desk with your SRU ID. Equipment is purchased by that Residence Hall House Council and is intended for use within the building by residents only within the building.


Large appliances such as large refrigerators (over the standard 4.2 cubic feet), microwaves (over 1100 watts), cooking appliances (except those with automatic shutoff, i.e. hot pots/coffee makers), ceiling fans, air conditioners and weight equipment are not permitted in the rooms. If you are uncertain about an item, please contact the Office of Residence Life. Applicance requirments are in place for buiding safety, as well as electrical ciricut limits in each building zone. 

Safe Rental

We are offering residence hall students the option of leasing a personal safe for their residence hall room at a cost of $100 per academic year (Fall and Spring semesters).  This safe will be installed into your room prior to your arrival and will remain in your room throughout the academic year.  To rent one, please log into your MyHousing portal, click Safe Rental under Helpful Links.  For more infomation, click here.