Emergency Management and Preparedness

SRU Emergency Management dedicates a significant amount of time and resources into coordinating preparedness activities across units on campus, and between local, state, and federal governments and agencies. They work to increase campus preparedness and disaster readiness by continuing to implement best practices and strategies in emergency management. SRU Emergency Management provides preparedness planning, training and exercises, incident management and coordination, emergency warnings and public information, policy formulation, and resource allocation and prioritization; it prepares for all phases of potential emergencies- before, during, and after.

Report all emergencies to the Slippery Rock University Police by calling 724.738.3333, or simply call 3333 from any campus phone.

If you are using a cell phone and CALL 9-1-1, tell dispatcher to report the emergency to the Slippery Rock University Police.

Slippery Rock University is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our students and employees.  Preparation prior to an actual emergency situation is the most efficient and effective way to realize this goal.  SRU's emergency preparedness programs are designed to maximize human safety, minimize danger, preserve property and restore the University to normal operations as soon as possible following any major emergency incident.

Please direct any inquiries, comments or concerns to emergencymanagement@sru.edu.