Office of Disability Services

Our Vision

The Office of Disability Services will enhance the campus experience for students with disabilities by creating equal access inside the classroom setting.


Slippery Rock's Office of Disability Services (ODS) mission is to serve students with disabilities in a positive way, while helping them to become good stewards of academic success. ODS is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities in order to enhance educational achievements and student success. ODS strives for continual improvement through innovations in the student experience and strong campus partnerships to create the best possible services and ensure students are given equal access to educational opportunities.  ODS is actively involved in helping students learn and evolve good self-advocacy skills. ODS makes every effort for distinction and excellence in our daily work.

A complementary mission is to encourage practical consideration of the way in which environments are created and how the campus community thinks about disability. We are committed to educating the campus community of faculty, staff, students, and administrators on equitable treatment of students with disabilities.

Welcome to The Office of Disability Services!

The Office of Disability Services has many procedures in place to ensure students are receiving appropriate accommodations. This website will give an inclusive overview of what needs to be accomplished in order to access our services. ODS is the only designated office at the University for students to willingly disclose disabilities, submit appropriate documentation, and request accommodations.

Slippery Rock University appreciates that the needs of all students are different. Therefore, the requests of each individual student who registers with ODS are considered case-by-case.  This cooperative process allows us to meet with each student individually and determine reasonable accommodations. ODS also teams up with faculty and staff across campus to address student needs as well as assisting students with supports to encourage self-advocacy.

To schedule a meeting with one of our professional staff members, please contact our office using one of the following methods:

We look forward to meeting you!

ODS Staff

Dr. Natalie Burick

Kim Coffaro
Assistant Director

Suzanne Sandrock

Grant Warmbein  
Graduate Assistant

Beatrice Cardoso  
Graduate Assistant

Natalie Carr 
Graduate Assistant