Historical Park Site

Practical Applications of Historical Training

Strengthen your understanding of historical context with this 12-credit certificate

Applied History

Offered by: History

The certificate consists of four courses (including an internship option) in applied history. Required coursework includes the Public History course and one other practical course or internship. Students must also take two courses of their choosing from fields that are commonly tied to historical and interpretive public history sites, such as African-American History, the History of the Civil War, or Environmental History.

Why Choose Applied History?

If you are majoring in fields such as Parks and Resource Management, Geography, Public Relations, Recreation and Hospitality Management, or Communication and want to have an additional area of expertise in the practical application of historical training, this certificate is a perfect compliment to your major. 

What Will You Learn?

This certificate focuses on the practical applications of historical training. It includes courses that will help you gain skills in public history, digital history, museum work, sustainability education, data and archive management.

Careers In Applied History

This is a perfect addition for any student who plans to work as a park ranger, at a historic site, in any field of conservation or environmental stewardship, in heritage tourism, as a surveyor, or in public works and government administration.

Cost of Attendance