Healthcare professional holding the world in her hands

Healthcare With a Heart

Integrate your health-related course work with ethical and cultural context

Health and Humanities

Offered by: Philosophy

The Certificate in Health and Humanities is a 12-credit program that allows students in health related programs an opportunity to integrate your health related courses with humanities and better understand the ethical and cultural context of healthcare.

Why Choose the Health and Humanities Certificate?

If you are pursuing a career in the health-related majors such as, pre-medicine, nursing, athletic training, humanities, and social work, this certificate will broaden your understanding of healthcare by incorporating the diverse perspectives of the disciplines in the liberal arts and sciences.

What Will You Learn?

As a student in the Health and Humanities certificate, you will

  • Understand the many dimensions of health care and confront cultural, political, psychological, and moral dilemmas
  • Reflect critically on health care knowledge and discourse
  • Evaluate different approaches to health-related issues and identify their strengths and weaknesses in understanding issues in healthcare

Careers Opportunities

The demand for professionals who can synthesize the ethical, social and practical aspects of health care continues to grow.

Cost of Attendance