Department of Biology at Slippery Rock University

Careers in Biology

Biology students will find career opportunities in research, the health professions, industry, and elsewhere.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities abound for students enrolled in one of Slippery Rock University's Biology, Parks and Conservation programs and include, but are not restricted to:

  • academia
  • business and industry
  • healthcare & medicine
  • education
  • government (including the military)
  • veterinary medicine
  • conservation/environment

Graduate Study in Biology

Students interested in continuing  their education with advanced study in the biological sciences or who are interested in one of the many health related careers will find the Bachelor of Science in Biology to be the degree of choice. The curriculum in this program  is designed to provide students with the foundation in the biological sciences while concurrently meeting prerequisite requirements for  research-based graduate programs and health careers.

Careers in Medicine and the Health Professions

Many biology graduates go on to careers as health professionals. Students receive the preparation required to apply to graduate and professional schools in the health professions, including but not limited to :

Students interested in medicine and the health professions will also find a number of accelerated programs that the Department of Biology at Slippery Rock University has established  in agreement with medical and/or professional schools.