The Interdisciplinary Programs: Gender and Diversity Studies B.S. is interdisciplinary and allows students to study diversity issues within a number of disciplinary contexts.  It would be especially beneficial for students considering work in Criminology and Security Systems, Social Work, Education, Psychology, Public Health, Music Therapy, Business, and Hospitality Management.

Minor in Gender Studies - The Gender Studies Program takes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning, with courses in numerous departments: English, EGEO, Psychology, History, and Political Science, among others. Relevant to all majors, a minor in Gender Studies prepares students both to interact in a diverse and increasingly global professional world and to understand how our embodied experiences, while personal and individual, are also culturally shaped. In Gender Studies courses, students analyze power structures, gender identities, and culture to promote social change.

What will you learn as a Gender Studies student?

You'll learn how identity markers like race, class, and gender impact individual lives, social group formation, and patterns of power and privilege. You will:

  • Develop an awareness of and an ability to address sensitive issues with respect for and understanding of diverse perspectives, values and backgrounds
  • Gain an understanding of how power structures are created, maintained and challenged within cultural, economic, historical and political contexts
  • Learn to think critically about and gain an appreciation of the culturally specific experiences of sex, gender, race, and other identity categories
  • Apply what you've learned to social, professional and community environments
  • Participate in internships to apply what you've learned, acquire practical experience in the workforce, and create professional networks.

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Job Opportunities in Gender Studies

Unless you only plan to work and interact only with people who look like you and share your beliefs, this major can serve you well. You'll learn about and interacting with people who are different from you and participating in organizations, workplaces, and communities where you'll need to understand, respect and work with difference, and employers and graduate programs value inclusiveness and diversity. This major enhances career preparedness in a variety of fields, including:

  • Non-profits (for instance, Women's Shelters, Boys to Men Foundation, NAACP, Human Rights Campaign, YMCA, Planned Parenthood, OUT for Work, Women's and Girls Foundation, Stop Human Trafficking, or Big Brothers/Big Sisters, among others)
  • Business
  • Counseling and Psychology
  • Criminology
  • Sociology
  • Education/Teaching
  • Law
  • Market Research
  • Music Therapy
  • Social Work
  • Business
  • Health, medicine and rehabilitation
  • Public Relations and Communication

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