The Bachelor of Science in Resort Recreation and Hospitality Management prepares our students for careers in the hospitality and tourism field through a combination of classroom work and practical experience. We develop the skills and knowledge, and then apply it to an intern experience, enabling students to meet the demanding challenges in the hospitality field.

A strong curriculum is provided with courses in sustainable hospitality and planning, ecotourism, event programming and leadership, meeting and event planning, and resort and hotel management. The culminating experience in the program is a 12 week internship at hospitality or tourism related agency. Internships are available at resorts, hotels, cruise lines, community/municipal recreation centers among others. Faculty members work with students to find appropriate agencies to match with their career goals.

The Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management is an online post-graduate program that can be completed in 24 months, featuring a practical curriculum that gives a competitive head start in a growing industry.