Accreditation and Program/Student Outcomes

SRU earned the full 7-year Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) national accreditation in the fall of 2022.   CAEP establishes high and rigorous standards for preparation programs, holds accredited institutions accountable for meeting these standards, and requires institutions to demonstrate that teacher candidates know their subject matter and how to teach it effectively to all students.

Teacher Education programs at Slippery Rock University are also approved by the State of Pennsylvania through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Being an approved institution by PDE demonstrates SRU is an educational institution that meets or exceeds state standards. This approval process involves a regular process of alignment with state teacher education program standards and compliance with all aspects of appropriate Pennsylvania state law and code. Our continuing approval, a result of our most recent review during the Spring 2015 semester, attests to the commitment and quality of the SRU teacher preparation program.

In addition, as part of the PDE and national accreditation process, SRU teacher education programs are nationally recognized by professional content associations for meeting rigorous national standards in content area studies. SRU is nationally recognized in the following areas by these specialty professional associations:

  • Special Education by the Council for Exceptional Children
    • Both Initial and Advanced Programs in P-12 Special Education
  • Mathematics Education
    • Both Initial and Advanced 7-12 Math and Initial Middle Level Math Programs
  • Science Education by the National Science Teachers Association
    • Both Initial and Advanced 7-12 Science and Initial Middle Level Science Programs

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The Teacher Preparation Program Report (Title II report) can be accessed through the U.S. Department of Education's Title II website or is available by the College of Education upon request.


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