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Improve our Environment Through Science

Environmental Science students learn about the issues impacting our environment

Environmental Geosciences: Environmental Science

Offered by: Geography, Geology, and the Environment

If you're passionate about the environment and have a love of science, this is the program for you. Environmental Science is about using scientific knowledge to understand the relationships between human activities and the environment. This program touches on many different areas of science (from biology and chemistry to meteorology and physics), and is rich in laboratory and field experience-where you'll study environmental systems and problems firsthand. Opportunities also abound in this program to work directly with the faculty on research projects.

Why Choose Environmental Science?

The environment affects our lives in so many different ways-from the quality of our air, water, and food to weather patterns and politics. SRU's Environmental Science program can lead to a meaningful career helping to preserve, protect, and improve the environment. With our growing population, environmental pressures and problems across the globe are increasing. A degree in Environmental Science will give you the background you need to help find solutions and make a difference.

What Will You Learn?

Through our Environmental Science program, you will learn:

  • How to interpret the geological context for environmental issues.
  • How to sample, measure and interpret air and water chemistry.
  • How to characterize changes in ecological communities.

Careers In Environmental Science

Whether you want to work as an Environmental Consultant or Groundwater Hydrologist, or apply for graduate school, a degree in Environmental Science opens the door to a number of different career options.

Many Environmental Science graduates pursue careers in these key fields:

  • Industry and consulting: monitoring and investigating the contamination of the air, land and water.
  • Local, state, or federal environmental agencies: working to monitor, enforce, and develop environmental policy and regulations.
  • Environmental research: working to understand and solve environmental problems.

Clubs & Organizations

  • Geography, Geology, and the Environment Club
  • Sigma Gamma Epsilon (Geoscience Honorary)