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Change Lives Through Neuroscience

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Psychology: Neuroscience

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Slippery Rock University's Psychology major with a Neuroscience concentration offers student groups, experienced faculty, and diverse internship opportunities. SRU's curriculum includes the right combination of opportunities and experiences for students who focus their psychology studies on neuroscience, including the ability to work closely with faculty and expert training in research methods and techniques in well-equipped laboratories.

Why major in Psychology with a Neuroscience track?

Neuroscience breakthroughs are responsible for advancements in memory and sleep science, mental health, and so much more. Earning a Bachelor of Science helps you get one step closer to uncovering the next life-changing discovery. Neuroscience graduates aren't confined to one career path, which makes for an exciting postgraduate experience.

At SRU, there are countless opportunities to network and get involved with other students on campus. Our Psychology Club allows you to meet faculty, students, and professionals in the field. We also feature our own chapter of Psi Chi, an honor society for Psychology majors.

What Will You Learn?

Modern neuroscience has emerged as an important field because it provides insight into what we do, think, and feel. The brain-as well as the science behind it-is constantly changing as it adapts to our experiences and environments. Neuroscience contributes to our understanding and treatment of neurological and psychological disorders as well as brain injuries. The benefits of neuroscience research and practice have had a major impact on health, medicine, education, and public policy.

Students majoring in Psychology with a Neuroscience track take a broad and challenging set of courses in psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, and math as well as upper-level courses in neuroscience. Electives are tailored to each student's interests and career goals. With a foundation in the sciences, Psychology majors apply their knowledge by completing an independent research study in collaboration with a faculty mentor. They learn both content and applied skills such as:

  • How to approach research questions by considering multiple scientific perspectives
  • How to integrate knowledge from different disciplines and levels of organization from behavior to molecules
  • Laboratory methods and techniques
  • Research methods such as planning experiments, developing hypotheses, and using statistics
  • Data collection, analysis, and interpretation
  • Effective communication of scientific ideas, including writing and presentations

Careers In Neuroscience

Earning a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Neuroscience opens up a world of possibilities after graduation. Slippery Rock is conveniently located within driving distance of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city that offers no shortage of career opportunities. In addition to becoming a psychologist, there are also job opportunities in education, government, research, health, and business.

After earning their undergraduate degree in Neuroscience, some students choose to attend graduate or professional school in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and more.

Earn your Psychology degree with a Neuroscience track at SRU!

Slippery Rock University's Psychology major and Neuroscience concentration provides an impressive number of career options, opportunities for campus involvement, and chances for undergraduate research with faculty. Interested in learning more? Request more information today!