Other Admissions

Slippery Rock University offers many alternative enrollment options for students who wish to continue or start their education. Please explore the options below for information:

Post-Baccalaureate applicant is a student who has completed a minimum of a bachelor's degree and is interested in additional undergraduate study to pursue a second degree, a certificate or additional teaching certification, to prepare for graduate study, to fulfill ACT 48 requirements, or for personal enrichment.

A PASSHE Visiting Student applicant is a student from another PASSHE institution who has earned a minimum of 12 college-level credits from that university and is in good academic standing.

Transient applicant is a student who is pursuing an Undergraduate degree at another institution, but would like to complete coursework at SRU to transfer back to the home institution.

If you are a PASSHE student looking to apply for Distance Education, in which your home institution has course sharing agreements available, you will fill out the as Distance Education application. The Office of Academic Records processes these applications and works with these students. Please contact Christine Agostino in Academic Records at christine.agostino@sru.edu or 724.738.2221 with questions.

High School Fast Track applicant is an academically talented high school senior or junior, who would like to enroll in college coursework, prior to high school graduation.

A Personal Enrichment applicant is a student who wishes to take coursework without earning credit toward a degree.

An Undergraduate Readmission applicant is a student who previously attended the University as a degree-seeking student, but did not complete the degree, left for a period of time or reason (including military service), and subsequently desires to return to the University for degree completion.  The Undergraduate Readmission applicant may or may not have completed college credits during the absence.