Whether you just recently attended SRU or have been gone for a while, we look forward to assisting you once again in meeting your personal and professional goals as you progress towards degree completion.

Readmission to the university will be based on your academic performance at SRU and all additional coursework completed at other institutions and military experience, since your departure. Readmission in not guaranteed because you met suspension obligations.  

If you recently decided to withdraw from SRU, but plan to return in the future after attending another institution, we can help with selecting coursework to  ensure its transferability back to SRU. Details about our transfer credit evaluation policies and graduation requirements can be found here. Our goal is to make sure you have a seamless plan toward graduation. Careful planning is key to meeting degree requirements and staying eligible for financial aid. Questions can be sent to

Apply for readmission

Academic credentials are the best measure of student success, but we are happy to meet with you to address personal issues that may have impacted your performance here and elsewhere. Appointments are not required for readmission. Schedule your meeting here.

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Did you know SRU offers eight online degree completion programs that just might be the quickest and most affordable way to finish what you started?  Learn more about the degrees and requirements to see if this mode of instruction is right for you.

Important Policies about Academic Standing (probation, suspension, dismissal)

GENERAL Withdrawal from the University

Students wishing to withdraw from SRU must complete the electronic withdrawal form in the MySRU Portal. 

MEDICAL Withdrawal from the University

Students wishing to medically withdraw from SRU should refer to the Student Support website for specific instructions.  Readmission to the university is handled through Transfer Admissions and the application link above.