Academic Absence

Occasionally while in pursuit of a degree, students will need to miss class to address personal, medical or family situations. During those times the Student Support Care staff can help to be sure faculty are notified of absences and the student receives outreach to make sure they have supports needed to get or stay on track academically.

Common reasons a student may be absent from the university include: death of a family member, medical appointment (off campus), court appointment, hospitalization, etc. The Student Health Center and Student Counseling Center may provide notes for urgent visits to their office during a class period. In those circumstances, the student does not need an additional notification from our office.

This notification will be provided to faculty and university housing as applicable. This notification will be provided as a courtesy. It does not excuse the student from any of the work required in class, but only to make pertinent individuals aware of the situation. The student should discuss any missed assignments or exams with faculty upon return to campus.

We do not provide specifics of the absence or personal details related to the student’s situation, simply that they will be absent from class during the dates provided.

Extended absences or hospitalizations may need to be addressed through medical withdrawal from the university or other accommodations. Please review the accordion tabs below for more information or contact Student Support by using the Connect to Care link below.

Connect to Care

For more information on resources to give someone in the moment, please visit our SRU Concern Center Resource Page.