Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund can help assist students who are experiencing genuine and unavoidable financial difficulties and are struggling with their living costs. The Student Support Fund is a discretionary financial donation to the student, offering support in an academic year and does not need to be paid back. Funds are provided thanks to donations to the Slippery Rock University Student Support Fund with the intention of assisting with general living and course-related costs, not tuition fees or expected expenses.


Students must be currently enrolled at Slippery Rock University or, if during a break, enrolled for the following semester. Funding is limited to once per year per student and applications must be reviewed with the Financial Aid Office to be sure there is no long-term impact to Federal Financial Aid.

Examples of expenses that can be paid with this funding: food/gas, essential utilities, safety (changing locks due to criminal concern), medication/medical issues, loss of housing (temporarily due to disaster or unexpected lack of income), essential belongings (when lost due to a disaster or crime), travel cost (for emergency purposes)), other expenses will be considered on a case by case basis. Items not eligible for support funding include but are not limited to: bail, fines or tickets, tuition, expected housing expenses.


To request funding students must:

Complete a Care Referral (faculty and staff may also submit Care Referrals on the student’s behalf).

Respond to a meeting request from a Case Manager from Student Support. This request will be sent by a Case Manager once the Care Referral is received.

Attend at least one meeting to share details of your circumstance with the Case Manager who requested to meet with you. Fill out a short form with some basic information detailing your circumstances.  When the form is complete it must be reviewed by a small committee and a staff member from Financial Aid.

Check SRU email to learn the status of the request. Requests will be reviewed and award decisions will be made as quickly as possible.

Attend a short meeting with a Case Manager from Student Support to receive funds.

Requests are reviewed weekly. In the event that your request for funding is denied, a Case Manager from Student Support will meet with you to determine additional options for support.

Giving Back:

Interested in donation to the STUDENT SUPPORT FUND? You can make a secure donation online or call the SRU Office of Advancement Services at 888.778.6389.

For more information on the Student Support Fund, contact Karla Fonner at 724.738.2121.