• All official Academic Records & Registration forms can be found here.
• All forms should be forwarded using the student’s SRU email address.
• Forms can be viewed and downloaded as a pdf from your web browser and filled out electronically using Adobe Acrobat.
• Once you have completed the form, please check to see what approvals are required and forward to that office.
• For approvals: each office can print, sign, and scan form to next approver or can approve in email with form attached.
• If more than one signature is required, forward the form to each office email until all approvals are made.
• The last office approving the form will send to

Course Withdrawal Information – Spring 2021

• The last day to withdraw from a course is Monday, March 29, 2021.

• Students wishing to withdraw from an online class may do so by emailing the course instructor. The course instructor in turn, must email the following information:
o The student’s name.
o The student’s Banner ID# (A0_____).
o The Course Reference Number (1____) or course subject/number/section.
o The last date of attendance.

• The student withdrawing from a course is encouraged to communicate with their academic adviser and financial aid (if receiving aid) on their intention to withdraw to determine if there will be any impact.

• As a reminder, a student’s Slippery Rock University email is the University’s official means of communicating with students about this and other important matters.