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Living Well

Offered by: Physical and Health Education

The Living Well Certificate is a testament of your determination to live a healthy lifestyle full of energy with minimal illness or disease. Rather than following the newest trending health fad or product, we choose a global perspective from the world's healthiest people. The courses in this certificate will help broaden your perspective, manage your stress, enhance your mood, and improve every part of your health. We know that wellness is paramount to achieving your maximum potential.

Why Choose the Living Well Certificate?

How long do you want to live? The average life expectancy of a United States citizen is 79 years, but people from the healthiest places on earth easily live into their 100s, virtually disease-free. While many Americans may live to the age of 79, they often suffer from preventable diseases for decades, which often begin in their 40s and 50s. In this context, perhaps a better question to ask is "How well do you want to live?"

The Living Well Certificate is designed to help you steer clear of becoming a disease statistic, uncover truths about wellness, and learn how to lead a life of the highest quality.

Still need another reason? This certificate will make you more attractive to employers. When you have a high level of wellness, you take fewer sick days, you have more energy, and you are an asset to your organization. Every employer wants someone who has energy, who has their life under control, and who is happy and productive. This certificate sets you apart from everyone else by showing that you are dedicated to being your best.

What Will You Learn?

You learn through doing. You learn how to manage stress, how to choose healthy nutritious foods, and how physical activity improves your wellness. The capstone class, Living Well, links the many aspects of wellness together through application so you can achieve your best self.

The world of wellness will continue to grow and expand as we learn more about health and our physiology. Remember, wellness encompasses nearly every aspect of living and there is almost no limit to how this certificate will improve your wellbeing and expand your career opportunities.

Career Opportunities

After taking one or more of these classes, many students have been inspired to change their major and focus on health and wellness. The breadth of wellness covers fields such as physical, environmental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, financial, and social wellness. The opportunities are vast and growing.


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